Playlist 6-3-16

Dio: We Rock
Dokken: It’s Not Love
Fastway: Say What You Will
Motorhead: Love Me Like A Reptile
Queensryche: Guardian
Pantera: I’m Broken
Saxon: Princess Of The Night
Skid Row: Piece Of Me
Sammy Hagar: Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Iron Maiden: Speed Of Light
Deep Purple: Child In Time
Rainbow: Stargazer
Winery Dogs: Captain Love
UFO: Too Hot To Handle (Live)
Tesla: Mamas Fool
Tremonti: My Last Mistake
Slayer: Postmortem
Tool: Prison Sex
Rush: Something For Nothing
Ghost: From The Pinnacle To The Pit
Heaven & Hell: Bible Black
BOC: Godzilla
Punky Meadows: Straight Shooter
Prophet: Sound Of A Breaking Heart

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