Playlist 5-27-16

Double Play Memorial Day

Megadeth: Holy Wars
Megadeth: Sweating Bullets
Metallica: Seek & Destroy
Metallica: Creeping Death
Motley Crue: Too Young To Fall In Love
Motley Crue: Hooligans Holiday
AC/DC: Given The Dog A Bone
AC/DC: Shot Down In Flames
Aerosmith: Legendary Child
Aerosmith: Lord Of The Thighs (Live)
Anthrax: Antisocial
Anthrax: Keep On Runnin’
Black Sabbath: NIB
Black Sabbath: Die Young
Iron Maiden: The Trooper
Iron Maiden: The Wicker Man
GnR: My Michelle
GnR: Sympathy For The Devil
Judas Priest: Dragonaut (Live)
Judas Priest: Delivering The Goods
Ace Frehley w/Mike McCready: Cold Gin
Kiss: Young & Wasted
Van Halen: Loss Of Control
Van Halen: Good Enough
Cinderella: Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

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