To this day, Phil Lynott, the charismatic frontman of Thin Lizzy, remains a towering figure in the history of rock music. From the band’s signature twin lead guitars to Lynott’s ability to lyrically capture working class life, his influence has been undeniable for generations of musicians and rock bands.
On November 5th, Mercury Studios will celebrate his legacy with the Digital Video release of Songs For While I’m Away – a documentary film by Emer Reynolds chronicling the life of this icon, it is available here.
Told through interviews with Thin Lizzy band members, colleagues, family members, and anecdotes from the man himself, Songs For While I’m Away paints the picture of Lynott’s journey from young black boy living in 1950’s working class Dublin to Ireland’s premiere rock star. The film focuses on some of his iconic songs, from the initial success of Whiskey In The Jar, to mid-1970s hits Jailbreak, Waiting For An Alibi, and of course The Boys Are Back In Town, which hit number one in Ireland, number ten in the UK, and became a hit in the US and Canada, rocketing Thin Lizzy into international superstardom. As a songwriter and poet, Lynott infused his roots into these songs, creating narratives that fans the world over could relate to
Going a step further, Songs For While I’m Away also traces Lynott’s life beyond Rock ‘N’ Roll, as a father, husband, son, and friend. The film features conversations with Phil’s wife Caroline Taraskevics, and his daughters Sarah Lynott and Catherine Lynott, along with Thin Lizzy members Scott Gorham (guitarist), Eric Bell (guitarist), Darren Wharton (keyboardist), and Midge Ure (guitarist of Thin Lizzy and Ultravox). Additionally, Huey Lewis (Huey Lewis & The News), James Hetfield (Metallica), Adam Clayton (U2), Brush Shiels (Skid Row, 1960’s), Terry O’Neill (Thin Lizzy’s first manager), Suzi Quatro, and others are interviewed in the film, providing a clear, broad view of his life and legacy.
Sadly, the world lost Phil Lynott in 1986, three years after Thin Lizzy broke up. However, he is forever remembered for his music and contributions to Rock ‘N’ Roll, and is even commemorated with a life-sized historical landmark statue in Dublin. Songs For While I’m Away further cements his importance as a musician and artist.
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  • jeff weaver on

    Just saw it. It’s wonderful. My favorite band forever

  • robert davenport on

    I can’t wait to watch this , I’m a huge fan of thin lizzy , and phil lynott

  • T on

    It’s funny, “Boys are back in town” almost has an element of jazz chords to it. Something like Steely Dan would do, but in more of a rock mode. I think this showed that Lizzy had musical chops and were not just another blues based rock band (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Not to mention, they had two of the most badass guitarists in history (Gary Moore and John Sykes). Phil was the perfect guy to front this band.

  • jeff weaver on

    This documentary is a celebration of Phil Lynotts life, music and legacy. They chose to leave out all the negative sensationalism. The partying and drugs are mentioned but isnt the focal point. My only greviance that Brian Downey, Brian Robertson and John Sykes aren’t interviewed for this movie. That would have made it even better. I fail to mention Snowy White because he hardly has anything to say positive about his time in the band. I always wondered how Thin Lizzy would have made out if they only took a year or two break instead of calling it quits. Phil wanted to keep the band together and the break up really took its toll on him and made worse his personal issues. Anyways this feature is highly recommended!

  • robert davenport on

    I don’t know if this is the right place or not to talk about drug addiction/ abuse , but so many performers fall victim to it , phil included sadly ped and steroid abuse is killing bodybuilders at a record pace as well , and it seems No one is really sounding the alarm – these celebrities are influencers , they are all certainly on instsgram and every social media platform , they should all get together and mount an attack of information
    Hard partying using everything and getting wasted is not rock n roll, it’s sad and dangerous , and it should never be glorified –

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