James McMahon of The Guardian spoke with Ozzy Osbourne. Excerpts from the article appear, below.

I am so pleased…

Ozzy: I gave up drinking. At one point, I never ever imagined going a day. I was a raging alcoholic. When I used to drink booze, I’d buy a Ferrari or whatever, and Sharon would always be getting rid of them so I didn’t do anything stupid when I was drunk.

I’d like to be…

Ozzy: remembered for the work I did with Black Sabbath. I’m so proud of the music. But to be honest, just being remembered would be an achievement to me. I come from Aston in Birmingham, y’know? I used to play on bombsites. I don’t get to go back very often, but I went back for some BBC show once. There’s a guy living in the house I grew up in, and they charge people £200 to sleep in the bedroom I had as a kid.

Decision making…

Ozzy: is not a strong point for me. I have real problems with that. “Ozzy, do you want the red one or the black one?” “Oh I don’t f–king know, you pick.”

It’s crazy…

Ozzy: that anyone would think I’d be in league with the devil, because I’m terrified of all kinds of s–t. I’m very superstitious. I have to try not to be, otherwise I wouldn’t leave the house.

I tell you…

Ozzy: what I am scared of…rats. They’ve got so many diseases we don’t have the cure for. Also, I’m scared of war. I was so pleased I grew up after the war. Now it feels like there’s a war every f–king day. It’s not good.

I am a bit…

Ozzy: of a hypochondriac. If I wake up and I’ve got a lump on my neck, I don’t just think: “I’ve got a lump on my neck.” I think I’m going to die. Trouble is, I always think I know more than the doctor. In fairness, he doesn’t know what he’s f–king talking about.

I make good…

Ozzy: fish and chips. You can get fish and chips in LA, but they’re bollocks. If you come to LA and you want good fish and chips, go to one of the English pubs.

The hardest thing…

Ozzy: about getting old is all my good friends are dead. My problem, really, is I don’t remember I’m 70 [he’s 69]. I don’t really know what 70-year-old people are supposed to do. So I just do my own thing.

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source: theguardian.com

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