New Jersey thrash metal veterans Overkill have released the official music video for the song, Welcome To The Garden State, from from the band’s 19th studio album, The Wings Of War, which is being released today (Friday, February 22) via Nuclear Blast.

The Wings Of War is the band’s first studio recording with drummer Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall, Flotsam And Jetsam), who joined the band in 2017.

[Singer Bobby “Blitz”] Ellsworth said, “It was a blast making The Wings Of War. It is something old feeling new again, as our chemistry was altered by the addition of Jason Bittner. I was curious from the get-go, how would it pan out? I think what we accomplished here is a new, upgraded Overkill that embraced the new chemistry, while taking our roots into the present. The new formula produced not only more raw power, but more places to go with melody, a win, win. The key is being not only interested in the change, but part of it. I’ll tell you what, it’s still fun as hell making Overkill records.”

The Wings Of War track listing:

1. Last Man Standing 
2. Believe In The Fight 
3. Head Of A Pin 
4. Bat S–t Crazy 
5. Distortion 
6. A Mother’s Prayer 
7. Welcome To The Garden State 
8. Where Few Dare To Walk 
9. Out On The Road-Kill 
10. Hole In My Soul

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  • Rattlehead on

    These guys, like Death Angel, Testament, and Exodus, can still deliver new heavy thrash metal.
    Today was a great music release day….new Overkill, new Dream Theater, and new Tora Tora. Tomorrow I pick up Overkill and Dream Theater being held on reserve for me at local independent record stores. I ordered new Tora Tora and I should get next week.

    • Dana on

      Yay, Tora Tora.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    These guys never disappoint Nothing like Jersey thrash. Even have a sigh from my town and Pizzaland which just at the outskirts. Great tune, great album
    Now pick up the new Tora Tora!

    • Dana on

      Thanks, Charles.

  • seanchristopher on

    I just heard this the other day on Liquid Metal. What a great tune!! Gonna pick up this one and Dream Theater today. Ever since Ironbound, Bobby and the boys have been killin’ it!!

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