tomkeifer600 Tom Keifer just released his first ever solo album and Billboard has an exclusive premiere of the music video for The Flower Song. Watch it below.

Keifer says the song was inspired by his wife Savannah, who also wrote and co-produced some of The Way Life Goes, out now on Merovee Records.

“Women are God’s greatest gift to our world, truly beautiful inside and out,” he says. “The Flower Song is about recognizing your one true love in a world filled with so many amazing women. It can be dizzying. But then, you see the one. A miracle! I thank God every day for my miracle, inspiration and one true love, Savannah.”

The video was shot in Printer’s Alley in Downtown Nashville, featuring Keifer’s friends and family. It even features his own son, Jaidan, playing Keifer as a child. “He had never acted before but fell right into it, no problem,” says the singer.

Read more at Billboard.


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  • Franky on

    Beautiful song. Tom, create the music thats in your soul today . Change means stepping out of your comfort zone. Rehashing what you were 25 yrs ago doesnt work. If your making music for yourself it really doesnt matter what other people think good or bad.

  • Lee on

    Nashville singer-songwriter gets respect these days, Cinderella in another large bar or 3 on a bill indian casino run for the loot is like routine now, pays the house. I just hope his vocals don’t implode down the road.

  • Jerry on

    I Like the album a lot! I think the video is cool too! Way to go Tom! And I agree that Cinderella should get out there and tour this spring! But I do like his solo stuff,real heartfelt in my opinion.And opinions are like A-holes-we all have one.Glad to see how some of the 80’s rock is evolving.Personally I love the harder rock most of the time but hey-not all the time! take care all-happy holidays!

  • jason on

    His voice isn’t meant for this type music. I know his voice from singing in Cinderella has had some serious issues that kept Cinderella from doing more albums and touring more often. I hope he is doing this for fun and not money, because this isn’t going to make any money.

  • Lee on

    His voice has curtailed Cinderella from Poison types of touring: a lot. Of course these tours lose money or make peanuts, a couple hundred people at most, management %,house %,roadie lodging/travel/food/salary/bus rental/gas. Back in the day Mercury backed Cinderella huge. I doubt Tom gets backed by anything but a bank account. Get a Ratt/Cinderella Spring ’14 tour in big nice places.

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