tomkeifer600 Tom Keifer just released his first ever solo album and Billboard has an exclusive premiere of the music video for The Flower Song. Watch it below.

Keifer says the song was inspired by his wife Savannah, who also wrote and co-produced some of The Way Life Goes, out now on Merovee Records.

“Women are God’s greatest gift to our world, truly beautiful inside and out,” he says. “The Flower Song is about recognizing your one true love in a world filled with so many amazing women. It can be dizzying. But then, you see the one. A miracle! I thank God every day for my miracle, inspiration and one true love, Savannah.”

The video was shot in Printer’s Alley in Downtown Nashville, featuring Keifer’s friends and family. It even features his own son, Jaidan, playing Keifer as a child. “He had never acted before but fell right into it, no problem,” says the singer.

Read more at Billboard.


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  • Matt on

    Tom–I think you’re great, but please for the love of god–get the boys back together and tour with Cinderella this spring.

  • DR on

    Wow does this ever suck.

    • John G on

      Ha ha. What’s wrong with 10th generation rip-offs of every song you’ve heard before and rhymes and songwriting a 2nd grader could be proud of? This to me is the limpest kind of stuff around. This stuff was done much better by the Stones and Rod Stewart/Faces back in the early 1970s. You can even hear a little (God forbid) KISS in this (Hard Luck Woman.) Complete crap. Cinderella was nothing more than a 5th rate band at best anyways. You can’t expect fillet mignion out of Hamburger Helper, sorry.

    • DR on

      Now I want to make Hamburger Helper. Haven’t had that in years. Maybe I’ll listen to Long Cold Winter while I make it. No wait that sucked too.

  • sar305 on

    Tom, it’s time to come home…Nashville just isn’t working for you.

  • Joe on

    Rock and roll is dead

  • Matt on

    To each their own. Cinderella is a fun band to see live–I take them at face value and nothing more. It’s unfair to compare them with the great bands of metal, because they don’t belong anywhere in that category. I can tell you that every member of Cinderella takes the time to meet each fan and pose for pictures after each show–and that goes a long way in my book.

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