Ritchie Blackmore has released an official band photo (see above) of his Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, whom are scheduled to play at two Monsters Of Rock festivals in Germany on June 17th and 18th and one UK show on June 25th in England at Birmingham Genting Arena.

Blackmore explained that he picked this lineup because “the whole idea was to find good musicians. Of course, there were many familiar names around, but this idea didn’t appeal to me. Unlike many others, I prefer to discover new musicians who can add a fresh approach to my music. It’s great to present new musicians to the public.”

He also added that the band might add more shows “if we enjoy ourselves and the audience gives us a positive vibe back…But the crucial factor will be the chemistry between the musicians and the audience reaction.”

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  • elliot goldberg on

    is that rainbow pictured, or “welcome back kotter”?

    • Tyger of Pan Tang on

      Be that as it may, the shirts for the upcoming shows can read, “I went to the Enchanted Forest for twenty years, and all I got back was Barbarino and Horseshack,”

    • elliot goldberg on

      … no wood, man”

    • Harold Taint on

      Elliot, that made me laugh. Thank you!!

    • elliot goldberg on

      you’re welcome, your taintness.

    • Medved on

      You and Jim Breuer have something in common. Neither one of you are funny.

    • Harold Taint on

      Pull your stick out of the mud or wherever it is Medved.

  • Greg in H2Otown on

    Hey, it made me laugh!

    • elliot goldberg on

      bless you, greg…and thank you for paying homage to hall & oates.

  • Nitroman on

    Sorry, but that picture doesn’t strike me as “Monsters” of Rock….of course JLT’s hideous wig wouldn’t have accomplished that either.

  • mike molini on

    Hey some of these jokes are moderately funny, but unless you guys all know something I don’t know…no one has heard a SINGLE NOTE from this incarnation of Rainbow. (Unless, you know of where they may have already rehearsed and you were actually there). Blackmore has a pretty fuckin’ UNBELIEVABLE track record when it comes to bandmates in both Rainbow and Purple. Yeah, you may know some of them…Dio, Powell, Bain, Coverdale, Hughes, etc,. So I prefer to “let the music do the talking” as in wait for a review of the show by a trusted source (yeah, that means YOU Eddie!) or hearing/seeing a CD/DVD version of one or more of these shows; which I’m sure is likely to come out at some point. A great new live version of “Stargazer” alone, would be enough for me.

  • T on

    I suspect that when he initially said that there would be only three shows, it was so he wouldn’t be hounded about a tour. However, if the band is sounding hot (which I suspect they will) and Richie is seeing the audience loving these great songs, he will hopefully add a few shows in the states. Personally, I think this line up is going to be very good (His keyboard player is phenomenal). He’s not going to want to stop playing, as soon as they start gelling after only a handful of shows. This is one ticket I would really like to see. At first, I was hoping for some former heavyweights that he’s played with in the past to be involved, but I’m open to this being very good as well.

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