NikkiSixx400 Motley Crue and Sixx:A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“I have been performing during the last few months with a pretty intense double hernia but you gotta give 100% even through the pain onstage.The good news is yesterday I got surgery on both sides and it went really really well. My lovely wife, kids and Leica have been really taking care of me.I should be up and kicking ass in a few weeks and back in the gym/tour in 6 weeks. Looking forward to seeing you all back out on the road..

PS..Holy Jesus, it feels like I got kicked in the stomach by a horse.They gave me some pain meds but I am trying to not take them and luckily Courtney Bingham-Sixx looks pretty hot in her nurse outfit…”

Motley Crue are currently on break from their Farewell Tour which is scheduled to resume on October 10th in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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  • Saxon4ever on

    Vince Neil sounds like he got kicked in the balls everytime he tries to sing! Mostly talks through songs live or has the crowd sing it, Crue needs to get a new lead singer like The guy from Buckcherry!.

  • Keith Gallant on

    Good luck, Nikki! Hope you recover soon and get back on the road!


    That type of surgery is a tough break. I recommend using a light bass like those tiny ones from back in the 1980s. DR. FEELGOOD and THE HEROIN DIARIES are both brilliant in their own rights. NEW TATOO renewed a lot of peoples interest in Crue. Nikki is a major contributor to metal and his talents are marginalized for the wrong reasons. Instead of the dirt, they should focus on the music.

  • Milkmonte on

    I heard Kip Winger will be filling in for Nikki on the Crue tour.

    • Joe Pensanti on

      I heard otherwise, that they will be temporarily replacing Nikki with a person that knows how to play the bass guitar.

  • Richman on

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    • Richman on

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    • Doug R. on

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    • MILKMONEY on

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    • Doug R. on

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