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Motley Crue singer Vince Neil claims that his band “supported” the rise of grunge in the early ’90s and says that Seattle music scene “didn’t seem to kill” Motley Crue the way it affected many of the other so-called “hair-metal” bands who were mega successful in the ’80s.

“We went on [MTV’s] Headbanger’s Ball and we’d had an early pressing of [Nirvana’s] Nevermind,” Neil told Q magazine. “We were talking about a bunch of upcoming bands and told people to check that album out. We supported that whole thing.

I don’t know why people say grunge killed rock. Only people whose careers were on the way out said that. It didn’t seem to kill us.

I was talking to Courtney Love [wife of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain] one time and she told me that one of Kurt’s favorite records was [Motley Crue’s 1981 album] Too Fast For Love.”

Rob Zombie recently told England’s TeamRock Radio that the American rock scene never recovered from the the ’90s grunge explosion. Zombie explained, “When the grunge rock thing hit, with Nirvana and all that, everybody thought it was cool to be anti-rock star. But in a way they sort of anti-rock starred themselves right out the door, because the rap guys came in and they said, ‘Fuck it. We’ll be the rock stars then, if you guys are going to wear flannel shirts and stare at your feet.’ And in the U.S., truthfully, rock music has never recovered from that.”

Zombie added, “A whole generation of kids thought, ‘Fuck this! Rock music is boring. Let’s go listen to rap music.’ And it’s never recovered.”

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  1. If anyone doesn’t understand why the L.A. scene, poofy haired, moronic glam bands died once grunge came out, watch the film The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years, and you’ll see why. That movie did as much more for making that scene look stupid and lame than grunge could have ever done. It shed light on why so many of those bands were a joke. Megadeth were the only band featured in that movie that came off as genuine and respectable and I stil don’t know why they were even in the movie unless it was to deliberately make all the other bands seem even lamer.

    I must admit, although I don’t like the movie, the part with Chris Holmes drunk off his ass in the pool with his mom sitting poolside was awesome and sad at the same time.

  2. I saw Vince in all his bloated, wasted self many, many times in South Florida at one cheese ball club after the next during the late 90’s and 2000’s…he used to hang with Mike Peters who owns most of the strip clubs in SOFLO and when I tell you he was on stage and could barely stand, I’m not kidding…he was an embarrassment every time he hit the stage, so he already hit rock bottom years ago and with the Carnival of Sins tour,the Crüe was back, at least for a short while…Tommy was putting out crappy, Nickelback sounding rock albums and I saw him play twice on Miami Beach to about 75 people…These guys were cooked just like a lot of the glam cheese was back then, but the bands who were actually good at one time are still around, including the Crüe with the Carnival of Sins rebirth they just can’t do it live anymore. Funny thing is that the biggest “hair band” of all, Poison never really went away, and I bet that they even had more of a touring presence than the Crüe during most of those times…I hate the term “hair band ” for bands like Tesla that were clearly a great hard rock band or when people lump them all together because of the time they we’re out, but the term could be used for a lot of the bands during the late 80’s, as many took a formula of dressing drag-like but their music sucked…Cinderella is a GREAT band, but their choice of outfits and hairstyles made people on the outside call them just another hairband…hard rock got away from the sleaze of say ACDC, or the edge of Judas Priest and kids wanted something not so wimpy like some of the 80’s bands had put out, so in comes grunge…Due to the fact that almost all of my childhood rock bands are still around albeit they are getting old, shows that rock is not dead nor did grunge kill rock for those in my age bracket…But for the kids today, rock is dead unless they are old souls listening to the stuff us 40 and 50 something’s listen to. Is anyone saying the guitarist from Nickelback made them pickup the guitar?? No way…

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