Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is featured in article of the Los Angeles Times dubbed The 25 concerts, festivals, albums and music docs we’re most excited for this fall.

Sixx’s, The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx memoir, due October 19th, was included on the list.

Describes the L.A. Times. “When the pandemic delayed a planned 2020 stadium tour, …bassist Sixx found himself hiding out in Wyoming with nothing but time to reflect on his pre-Crüe days; the result is this funny yet surprisingly moving memoir of a small-town kid figuring out who he wanted to be.

Fun fact Sixx dispenses about that stadium tour now set for 2022: the Crüe invited Van Halen’s David Lee Roth to share the bill but he passed. ‘I don’t open for bands that I influenced,’ Sixx says Roth told him. “

In October 2019, Roth reflected on the influence of Van Halen on bands that followed, telling KKLZ’s The Mike & Carla Morning Show (as per blabbermouth.net) “Hair bands were the imitations of Van Halen. Yeah, it is true, and spandex was what they came up with as something visual. I started off in leather…But Van Halen was a ’70s band — we started off in 1972, and our first two albums were in the ’70s. We sold our first 10 million records before the ’70s were over. We spawned a whole lot of imitators who resorted to gimmickry and trade crap. It’s easier to imitate a haircut and a kind of pants and to exhibit bad behavior.”

In other Roth news, the singer recently made headlines after KISS bassist Gene Simmons was asked why the Van Halen frontman is not opening for their second set of upcoming Las Vegas residency dates. Linked below are all the stories related to that discussion.

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  1. Alice Cooper opened for Motley Crue. Blasphemous, of course, but he did it. This lounge singer is so full of it. The sparkle on your diamond had faded long ago. Time to fade away.

  2. I certainly believe that van halen influenced the “hair metal ” period of music from the look to the fast flashy guitar players that came after trying to be like eddie , motley crue was influenced by them for sure. If I were dave I would have passed, too.

    1. Always kinda thought KI$$ & Aerosmith had influenced them as much. Then again Vince dressed almost identical to Roth with the ass-less chaps and all.

    2. Lol! Ain’t that the truth. DLR has stayed in shape over the years despite his vocal changes. Maybe not-so-much for Vince.

      I was 15 when I saw the Eat’em & Smile Tour come through Roanoke, VA. He sported those ass-less chaps when they performed Yankee Rose and as he flew over the crowd on his pink surf board. Most of the women came to see just that, I suspect along with the Vai, Sheehan & Bissonette lineup, I’m sure. . I just thought it was satirical bohemian fun. Should’ve recognized then he was headed for vaudeville in his later career. ;o}=== DLR is always witty & whimsical which can be grinding to some.

    3. Tasker,

      I saw that show at Jones Beach in Long Island, Cinderella and Extreme opened. I don’t remember much, but I remember thinking it was a pretty great show.

    4. I definitely remember it being a great show along with seeing Cinderella for the first time when they were an MTV hit. Extreme wasn’t on the bill. Good times \m/

  3. Great way to promote a new book Nikki! I guess Dave can still turn down offers. I think the Crue fans will be grateful. Dave’s run has long been over. Last time I saw him that he sounded decent was his 2007 run with VH. He was somewhat nauseating in 2015. Wished I’d seen them back in 77’ thru 84’.

  4. A gig is a gig, does it really matter that much who’s first or last on the bill? Just play, have fun, who cares who’s first or last? Or in between. It isn’t 1984 anymore, it’s 2021, unfortunately, so just take what you can get. One thing is for sure, at least DLR would’ve been treated with a whole more respect on this tour than he was on the fake KISS tour.

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