Scott Munro of Classic Rock reports:

Michael Schenker has ruled out any possibility of playing with UFO on their farewell tour.

Frontman Phil Mogg – the band’s only ever-present member – announced his decision to retire from UFO earlier this year and will bow out following a 50th anniversary tour in 2019.

Many fans would like to see former members make guest appearances during the dates in the UK and Ireland, but the guitarist won’t be one of them and he’s explained exactly why he won’t take part – not even at the all-star jam on the final night of the tour at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on April 4th.

He tells Classic Rock, “Bands like UFO and the Scorpions are trying to fool the audience, and I’m not a part of that world. It’s becoming a trend to make a big deal about playing last shows, and those bands do it because they can’t get anywhere in a normal way.

I returned the UFO name to Phil Mogg in 2003 – it was a precious gift that I gave him for free and he didn’t even thank me. Why should I show up with UFO again?

For me, UFO only exists with the original five members, plus producer Ron Nevison. Phil calls his current band UFO, but it isn’t UFO. If he shows me no respect or appreciation, why would I do that for him?”

Schenker and Mogg both live in Sussex, England, with the guitarist saying that they see each other often – but haven’t spoken recently.

Schenker says, “When I use a zebra crossing, Phil’s there walking his dog. Or I see him in Morrison’s queuing up to buy a Lotto ticket. Or he’s going up the hill on his racing bike. It’s like a comedy. But we haven’t actually spoken for quite a while.”

The full interview with Schenker will feature in an upcoming issue of Classic Rock magazine.

UFO’s Last Orders – 50th anniversary tour will begin at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, on March 29yj and conclude with a set at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on April 4th.

source: Classic Rock via loudersound.com

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  1. I agree with Rattlehead’s posting about Michael sounding bitter. He bashes his brother almost anytime he is interviewed! Now, he’s bashing Phil Moog about UFO. I was never a huge UFO fan, but I like some of their tunes. Nobody is getting fooled by these classic bands doing “farewell” tours. My God, Krokus just announced their own “farewell” tour! Do I wish every one of my favorite bands kept all of their original members for their whole career? Of course! But, that’s not very realistic for bands that have lasted 40+ years.

  2. He is just being the petty musician who is FULL of talent but lacking in $$$ and is extremely jealous of the success of his brother, who has more $$ than himself. There is obviously a reason why he has had so many incarnations of MSG and a bunch of other projects.

    1. What neither Pete or Michael get is that Phil said he is NOT using Farewell and playing that card. He is simply retiring because he knows when it’s time and is done with the road. Unfortunate these guys can’t make it work for one final show

    2. But Ed, by saying he was retiring Mogg effectively said this is his farewell tour. These guys should just tour and then hang it up without saying anything publicly. Maybe if Mogg had done this privately Michael would’ve been up for it.

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