Michael Schenker’s Michael Schenker Fest project will release its second studio album, Revelation, on September 20th through Nuclear Blast.

The official video for the disc’s second single, Sleeping With The Light On, can be seen below.

Schenker comments: “Many people in my interviews expressed how much they like this song and I tell them: wait till you see the video. It brings it to a whole other level. By the way, the making of the video was a lot of fun and sometimes even spooky. I hope you enjoy it.”

To read more about Revelation, see the album’s track list and watch the video for the first single, Rock Steady, please click here.

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  • Ray Gillen on

    I liked it.
    Graham is a beast and the best of the bunch !!!!

  • robert davenport on

    I hated this, this is a train wreck , awful song , dated themes , just stupid, another huge reason why the rock we loved in the 80’s is now almost completely dead and gone – aging rock stars writing awful music and looking well…. ancient I know we all get older but one of my huge pet peeves you can still look rock and and roll when your older you have to dress age appropriate if your long hair is thin wear a hat or cut it ! dont dress like a 20 year old rock star , wear jeans , black leather jacket, boots , just tone it down a little – oh yeah , one last thing for a guy who gave us lights out , mother mary , natural thing , shoot shoot ,too hot to handle, I expect him to be able to write a decent song C’mon man – be honest and ask yourself what younger person who loves rock is going to be into this song and video ?? ok i’m done ranting lol

    • Dana on

      I think Pack It Up and Go is one of their best, and Hot N’ Ready is pretty great, too. Personally, I think Obsession is their best record.

  • robert davenport on

    I agree obsession was an awesome record, I personally am a huge Schenker/UFO fan I liked everything with schenker up to strangers in the night IMO one of the top 5 live rock albums ever released –
    any guitarist following in Schenkers footsteps is going to come up short , and I know it affected UFO when he left – I think personally he may have been miserable – he did pretty well after UFO , and UFO did pretty well , but were never quite the same post Schenker – the music Schenker is putting out now is garbage- but Michael is probably very happy in his life and he is out playing and he is still an amazing guitarist. if he ever comes close to my area I will be there in a heartbeat –

    • Dana on

      I hear you, Michael Schenker, was my ex’s, favorite guitarist. He was the one who exposed me to Obsession and Lights Out. He picked me up one day, and had them cranking in the car. At the time, I had known of Schenker, from his solo work, namely MSG, but that was first exposure to UFO.

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