Metallica Metallica will headline slot the Apollo Theater in New York next month. The band are set to perform at the famed Harlem venue on September 21st, and the show will air live as part of a revived Mandatory Metallica channel on SiriusXM.

The Apollo show comes a week before the band releases its 3D movie Metallica Through the Never to IMAX screens across the country on September 27th. Metallica filmed the movie last year at concerts in Edmonton, Alberta; and Vancouver. It combines live performance footage with a fictional storyline tracing a roadie’s adventure during an arena show.

Mandatory Metallica will return to SiriusXM September 13th through October 6th, and will remain available online through next summer, the band said on its website. SiriusXM subscribers and Metallica fan club members will be able to win tickets to the Apollo show. More information about entering to win is available here.

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  1. The Apollo? Do these guys do anything ordinary anymore? Like release an actual good record and just tour without filming it or making documentaries? Does anyone remember when these guys were just about kick ass thrash and blowing shit up and not taking themselves so seriously?

    1. Move on to what? Lulu? Death Magnetic? Re-Load? Give me a fucking break. What exactly have they done in the past 15 years that I should move onto?

  2. I never liked them. But anyways…..What’s the point? What’s next? The Metropolitan Opera House? The Fillmore? Yasgur’s Farm? Why does Metallica want to play a place known for showcasing R+B and soul singers? Is this for credibility? Are they the wannabe disciples of BB King? Sorry guys, but your music appeals to a niche audience and is irrelevant to 99% of the general public. Just like little girls need their boy bands, angry young men need their loud over-the-top-masculine heavy dude bands. No chicks allowed.

  3. Notice Eddie put that disgusting FUCK MONDAY garbage off the page as fast as he could. This is a similar venue to the DEVILS hockey in Newark. Its just conquering more ground for this great band. CONFESSION: I like LULU! It was too long is my only qualm. Don t hold it against me. Saw them in 1990s on Long Island. A great time for certain.

    1. No dude its still there. More importantly WTF is this nonsense that you liked Lulu? I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.

    2. Probably should have kept that to myself. I got on clearance for $5.00 no more I swear and I checked it out and we looked at each other, and kinda one thing lead to another and look man it just happened. What was I supposed to do? They were all over the house. Karen, we needed that money….Anyway Lou Reed did some amazing things with Dick Wagner and there is line that refers to “a colored guy’s dick” . Lou Reed says “colored guy’s dick” on a song. I’m a history guy and there is some WW2 imagery and some atomspere going on. James really is THE TABLE. I AM I AM I AM I AM THE RICHMAN. Give me 2 more strikes DR. Some of those Hook Blow song titles are great. The Garth Brooks one is my favor…

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