Metallica In anticipation of the release of the band’s 3D movie, Metallica Through the Never, the band have released a live of version of Master of Puppets which will appears on the movie’s soundtrack. Listen to it below.

The movie soundtrack will be released on September 24th on two CD’s through Blackened Recordings. It will also be available as a digital download and on 33 1/3 rpm vinyl, with limited-edition 45 rpm vinyl slated for release this fall. The soundtrack is currently available for pre-order at itunes.

Metallica Through the Never will open in IMAX 3D theaters on September 27th, with a wide release on October 4th.

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  1. No, Lars was the alien on the wing in that Shatner TWILIGHT ZONE episode which was re made into the Lithgow story in the TWILIGHT ZONE movie. He was haunting those characters due to their NAPSTER usage. God forbid something METALLICA was for free. METALLICA is just west coast KISS minus winey ex members. Great music juggernauts looking to get paid now that they re successful.

  2. This sounds great, but it also sounds overplayed. It’s hard to reconcile the decade (88-98) this band was easily the greatest and most listened to band in my collection with what is now an occasional nostalgia spin of some very fine discs. At 40, I have to honestly say that I’ve spent the last decade falling deeper and deeper into the greatness that is Megadeth (virtually shunned during my lost-in-Metallica years). And while “Rust in Peace” tops my Megadeth album favorites, the last decade (2003-present) has provided some AWESOME Megadeth albums, including the United Abominations, Endgame (OMG!!!), and Th1rt3en trifecta, which are all brutally awesome. Metallica in that time put out a very good Death Magnetic, but what else? Gotta give a shout out to Godsmack and Bullet for My Valentine, too. They remain in heavy rotation and are inarguably influenced my Metallica, but the sound is more current and each album is fresh. Metallica needs that if they are to return to regular rotation in my music collection.

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