Metallica In anticipation of the release of the band’s 3D movie, Metallica Through the Never, the band have released a live of version of Master of Puppets which will appears on the movie’s soundtrack. Listen to it below.

The movie soundtrack will be released on September 24th on two CD’s through Blackened Recordings. It will also be available as a digital download and on 33 1/3 rpm vinyl, with limited-edition 45 rpm vinyl slated for release this fall. The soundtrack is currently available for pre-order at itunes.

Metallica Through the Never will open in IMAX 3D theaters on September 27th, with a wide release on October 4th.

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    1. God bless cliff , but Robert is 10 times better than he is and if cliff was still alive he would say the same thing, go listen to some old suicidal and infectious groves it will blow your mind how good he is, I know im a base player

    2. Yikes, knocking Cliff?! Now I’ve seen it all. Robert might be technically a better player than Cliff. But what you forget Mark, is that Cliff was a massive creative force in Metallica and the first 3 albums are testimony to that. Some might even suggest that there would be no Metallica without Cliff in the first place. Robert even says that Cliff was an influence.

    3. ya I guess I was thinking who was a better over all base player, I wish they would use his talent, put some of his stile in it like he did in suicidel, it would work with there sound ,

  1. Awesome….the live version that sounds like the live version from 2009 that sounds like the live version from 1999 that sounds like the live version from 1989…..awesome. Pick up the Newsted album. Something fresh and new.

  2. Did I ever mention that this pick looks like a VIAGRA ad? U want something fresh, check out THE RIDES. Its a blues act with Stephen Stills. The best thing he s done since SOUTHERN CROSS.

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