Metallica Metallica have officially released their new song, Lords of Summer, through iTunes.

The new song, which is technically titled Lords Of Summer (First Pass Version), clocks in at over eight minutes long. According to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, the song is “fairly representative” of the new material being written for the upcoming album. It should be noted that Lords of Summer might not even be on the new album.

The band debuted the song in March at a show in Bogota, Colombia. Click here to see the clip.

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Not a bad song, took a while to grow on me. Love the Ronnie James Medley the best of the two.

  • Scott on

    Downloaded it yesterday. I like it, kind of in the vein of DM. Was fun to crank in the car with the windows down!! Hope its not forever for the album.

    • Jason on

      It’s already been forever

  • Michael M on

    In my opinion, Metallica have been back on track since Death Magnetic (not even considering Lulu). Dig this tune.

    • Mike on

      Yes, I’m sure the over 100 million albums they sold from 91 to 2003 were a mistake, bought by people with no taste in the purity of metal.

  • Eric Heaton on

    Stick to the classics…

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