Metallica Metallica have officially released their new song, Lords of Summer, through iTunes.

The new song, which is technically titled Lords Of Summer (First Pass Version), clocks in at over eight minutes long. According to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, the song is “fairly representative” of the new material being written for the upcoming album. It should be noted that Lords of Summer might not even be on the new album.

The band debuted the song in March at a show in Bogota, Colombia. Click here to see the clip.

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  1. Not bad. I’m sure they’ll tweak it here and there if they put it on their new album. Metallica turned everything around on Death Magnetic. I became a diehard fan after I bought Kill Em All solely based on the album cover when I was 14 years old WAY back in 1983. I had never heard of them before and nobody I knew had either. How many you have bought an album you had no idea about by a band you had never heard of and bought it just by looking at the cover and it becomes your favorite new album and band? I’ve done it more than once but it’s also backfired on me big time in the past. I’ll put it this way: If you ever come across and album called “The Plague” by a band called Demon, for the love of God DON’T BUY IT! If you don’t believe me, look the title song up on YouTube. It’s not even a metal band.

    1. The Crazy Nights album cover made me buy it and turned me into a Kiss fan. At the time I thought Crazy Nights was a very good record. The next Kiss record I bought was Alive! which buried Crazy Nights and from there I went Kiss crazy.

    2. Happened to me back in 1982 when I was ten and I purchased Houses of the Holy by Zeppelin. Thought the cover was weird and cool, plus it looked as thought they were nude chicks that I thought looked vagabond and futuristic. Turns out it was young girls in the raw. Truly, weird.

    3. The only thing they turned around with DM is trying to convince people that a horrible sounding album is supposed to be good. I like the songs, but only a Guitar Hero mix version sounds decent. The official one is total compressed garbage.
      I really wanted to comment about Demon. They never pretended to be Metal & The Plague is a damn good album. Some of their albums rock pretty hard, but the ones that don’t aren’t lacking in quality material.
      The cover for The Plague is pretty cool & the UK version had a nice gatefold cover & cool artwork inside. The US version got nothing but the cheapest damn record the label could make. No wonder few in the US ever heard of them.
      BTW, I did buy their first album based solely on the cover. “Night Of The Demon” may not be metal, but still kicks ass & I’ve been a fan ever since.

  2. Here’s something that ought to upset the metalheads: Ever hear of Babymetal? I’m not really into that “new metal” blast beat thing as much as others, but if you aren’t singing their song “Gimme Chocolate” in your head over and over after you listen to it, then you deny the hook lol…hey, if you can put up with “Lulu”, then try it out…

  3. I wanted to like it, but it sounded a bit flat for me. I’m a fan of all the changes Metallica made, the Black album is a behemoth, I like Load and Reload, St. Anger was a bit one dimensional, but it had potential that wasn’t fleshed, and Master of Puppets is my favorite Metallica album of all time, DM was ok, but to be honest, I don’t listen to it anymore, except for a couple of songs.

    I dunno, I want to like it, but…somethings missing.

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