On the heels of the two recent number one singles at Active Rock Radio Distance and Don’t Back Down, a GRAMMY nomination (Best Rock Song for Distance) and two iHeart Radio Award nominations (Rock Artist Of The Year & Best New Rock Artist), Mammoth WVH has released an official music video for Epiphany – the third single from their self-titled debut. Epiphany is currently in the Top 15 at Active Rock radio and moving towards bringing band mastermind Wolfgang Van Halen his third Top 10 single. The single version of Epiphany was recently released on Spotify and can be found here. The music video is a live performance compilation that was filmed at two headline shows last October and one of the shows opening for Guns N’ Roses last September. The video showcases the Mammoth WVH live band that consists of Wolfgang Van Halen on vocals/keyboards/guitars, Frank Sidoris and Jon Jourdan on guitars, Ronnie Ficarro on bass and Garrett Whitlock on drums. The video for “Epiphany” can be seen below.
Epiphany is the song that I always say best represents the core sound of Mammoth WVH,” explains Wolfgang Van Halen. “The song was easily the biggest unreleased track and has resonated most with the fans since the album was released last June. That was why it made sense to be a single now. It is also one of the most fun to play live and I can’t wait to get back out on the road and play it on the Young Guns tour.”
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Mammoth WVH is getting ready to head out on the road in support of their self-titled debut. The band is teaming up with Dirty Honey to bring their high-octane rock’n’roll out on a 33-date co-headline North American tour entitled The Young Guns tour. The tour begins on February 20th in Denver, CO and runs through April 12th where it wraps up in Atlanta, GA. The tour will make stops in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, New York, NY and Orlando, FL to name a few cities and will see the bands alternating the closing slot nightly. Tickets for all dates are on sale now and can be purchased at here.   To see the full tour itinerary, please go here.
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  • Michael Minutaglio on

    I love this album, but this song is one of my least favorite on the album. Any other song would have been a better single…Horribly Right, You’ll Be the One (awesome solo), Feel are all awesome songs that should have been released as singles!

    “You’re To Blame”, the beginning sounds just like another song, but i cant think of what it is. Anyone??

    • Dana on

      I agree Michael, he’s really talented.

      “You’re To Blame” sounds like Ozzy’s No More Tears to me.

    • Doug R. on

      “Would,” – Alice In Chains, replace the guitar with the bass…

  • jeff weaver on

    “Young Guns”? Why is this 30 year old man still repackaging himself as ” the kid” lol.?
    I agree he is talented but you need memorable songs with good hooks. Many a less talented musician has put out catcher music, just my opinion.
    By the way, don’t listen to the first six Van Halen albums while drinking, you will end up toasted. I found that out lest night

    • Dana on

      He is very talented, what you keep forgetting is, despite what you think may not be memorable songs, he is a one man show. Wolfgang does it all: writes, plays all the instruments, sings (has a good voice, might I add), and I am sure, he was also involved with the producing and recording of the album.

      He reminds me very much of John Sykes, and Richie Kotzen, in that respect. Except in the formers cases, they did not have a father, who was considered one of the greatest guitar players of all time, shadow that they had to live in. I would imagine that amount of pressure, whether self imposed, or otherwise, is impossible to live up to, and with, through out his life.

    • Doug R. on

      Been there, done that, many, many times! Been doing that for 38 years since the 1984 album, although I haven’t gotten “toasted” since 1991, 31 years ago, lesson learned. Nowadays I just get a nice buzz and just ride it out, all the way down to Cabo! 😉

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Not a bad tune at all. Talented young gun with a nice voice. I need to try out his other stuff.

    • Dana on


      Get the album.

  • Ray Gillen on

    Dude is starting to look like the “old” John Popper from the blues travelers . I`m getting a little concerned about his health .

    • Doug R. on

      I agree, Wolfie definitely needs to lose some weight, a lot of weight!

      But Anyway… I love Blues Traveler!

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      I thought the same, and recognizing what the kid has been going through with his father’s failing health, his mom been a great cook & overweight herself. It’s not really surprising being that he’s always been on the huskier side. Hope he sees the importance of living a healthier lifestyle. He looks so much like Val.

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