georgelynch400 On December 9th, Lynch Mob will release the Sun Red Sun EP through Rat Pak Records. The CD was written and recorded by the same lineup as the Sound Mountain Sessions EP: George Lynch on guitar, Oni Logan on vocals, Robbie Crane on bass and Scot Coogan on drums.

Sun Red Sun once again highlights the unique pairing of Logan and Lynch, showcasing their ever-evolving songwriting abilities. Mixed and mastered by Chris “The Wizard” Collier, it offers up straight-forward rockers like Believers Of The Day and Play The Game, as well as more groove-oriented cuts like Erotika and Subliminal Dream. The CD also features a dynamic Lynch guitar solo track called Black Waters as well as an acoustic ballad called Sun Red Sun, which is a tribute to late Badlands singer Ray Gillen, who died on December 3rd, 1993 of AIDS-related complications. The release also features a cover of Bad Company’s Burnin’ Sky and includes four remastered bonus tracks from the original “Sound Mountain Sessions” EP: Slow Drag, World Of Chance, City Of Freedom and Sucka.

Lynch Mob’s last release was the Unplugged: Live From Sugarhill StudiosEP, which came out in March 2013.

Watch a video teaser for Sun Red Sun below.

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    1. I was turned off by a previous GL interview with Eddie because George discredited his old Dokken work.. basically making fun of it and discrediting the band.

    2. Frank, I could not agree more. I saw him on VH1 classic a few years ago looking at old magazine clippings and telling his daughter to throw in the pictures in the fire. That was when I totally lost respect for the dude. Talk about spitting in your fans’ faces!!!

    3. If so that’s pretty ironic, seeing that half of the T&N album is remakes of old Dokken songs. If I were him I wouldn’t try to discredit what he did, it’s some really good stuff and is what “made” him. His style has changed somewhat over the years though, so maybe he’s just moved on and is more interested in what he’s doing now. He can try, but he’s never going to be able to separate himself from Dokken completely. Fans will always want it and bring it up with him.

  1. George’s guitar tone and playing sounds amazing! Oni sounds great to. Coogan and Crane sound awesome together and have a big sound and that’s so important. Great guitar players and great singers alone don’t make a great band…they need a great rhythm section or else it all sounds half-assed.

  2. George isn’t the only one that has shunned his fans for their past band’s history.. Who’s the guy that doesn’t want to do Led Zeppelin anymore??

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