In light of a story recently posted, where Wolfgang Van Halen stated that his father, iconic Van Halen guitarist, Eddie Van Halen was not the most effective teacher, I made an obersatvation, in the comments section, about Randy Rhoads being teacher.

Ironically enough, Rhoads was asked by one of his students, perhaps more, to teach them how to play Van Halen songs.

My fiancée sent me this youtube clip, back in October, in which one of Rhoads’ students has him on tape teaching him how to play Van Halen songs, listen to this gem below. Just in case the embedded video stops working, please click here to watch it.

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  • Dana on

    Wow, I thought this story would have gotten a lot more attention.

  • Rattlehead on

    Dana, this was awesome! Thank Brian for us for sharing this with us all. I’ve read interviews of Kelly Garni, original Quiet Riot bassist and great friend of Randy’s, that Randy had somewhat of a rivalry with EVH. According to the interview, Randy thought EVH was secretive of things, such as how to keep a guitar in tune while using an unlocking tremolo system. EVH would also turn around to not face the audience while performing so not to see how he is able to get certain sounds from his guitar. But according to the Kelly’s interview, Randy didn’t think these were difficult things to perform. Regardless, Randy had great respect for EVH playing, and it was awesome to hear him play some of the riffs of his rival. How great it would have been to be in Hollywood during the 70’s and see these two guitar legends perform with their respective bands in the small area clubs!

    • Dana on


      You are correct, there was a rivalry between two of the greatest guitar players who ever lived.

      Supposedly Eddie was at one Randy’s Quiet Riot shows, and was asked by one the people he was there with, “What do you think of the guitar player?” and his response was, “He’s okay” LOL!!!


    • Rattlehead on

      And Randy’s work with Quiet Riot didn’t really showcase Randy’s true abilities, albeit his guitar solo spot he named “Laughing Gas”. It wasn’t until his gig with Ozzy did Randy finally show the world his true abilities.

    • Dana on

      Perhaps, but I am sure EVH could tell he was a highly schooled and disciplined player. 😉

  • alottolearn on

    The video’s been taken down. Is there anywhere we can hear it still?

    • Dana on

      Sorry, I looked, and no, perhaps it became a legal situation and he had to take it down?

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