hhhhlemmy-kilmister640 According to Motorhead’s manager Todd Singerman, singer Lemmy Kilmister was given “two to six months to live” when he was told he had terminal cancer on December 26th.

Singerman told Sky News that Kilmister went to hospital two days after his 70th- birthday party at the Whisky A Go Go club in Hollywood, California on December 13th because he wasn’t feeling well. Although, his doctors initially thought he was fine, they decided to do a brain scan before releasing him because “his speech was seeming a little odd. We wanted to see if maybe [he’d had] a minor stroke.” The scan uncovered tumors in Lemmy’s brain and neck.

Singerman told Sky News on Monday, “Nobody had any idea, we just learned Saturday, two days ago, that he even had cancer, and the doctor told him he had between two to six months to live. He [died] today as I was making calls to [ bandmates] Phil [Campbell] and Mikkey [Dee], telling them to come on out so they could have a last goodbye while he was still upbeat and everything. He was feeling mighty low… He wasn’t expected to die like that.”

Singerman added, “He [Lemmy] gets home [from tour], we have a big birthday party for him at the Whisky A Go Go. His friends came down and played. Two days later, I could tell he wasn’t feeling good, so we took him to the hospital, they release him, then after the brain scan they found the cancer in his brain and his neck… The doctor comes with the result a couple of days later and says… it’s terminal.”

Singerman initially wanted to keep the diagnosis private, but Lemmy insisted otherwise. “He was like, ‘No, no. You go ahead and put out a press release,” the manager told RollingStone.com. “I want people to know it was cancer. It’s a bad thing and they should know it.’ That’s how he felt.”

Despite Lemmy’s well-documented health issues over the last two years, Singerman said the cancer diagnosis “caught everyone by surprise. [Cancer] was the last thing we thought he would ever have. When you think about it, he has been to every doctor and hospital around the world and nobody caught that… That comes as a massive shock.”

additional source: blabbermouth.net

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  1. That is as scary as scary can be! No doctor caught Lemmy’s cancer until it I was far too late! Lemmy was a true hero til the end. He knew he was going to die and wanted to make sure his fans knew right away. I am finding myself going through the same grieving process that I went through when Ronnie James Dio died and when Dimebag was murdered and that is terrible sadness and disbelief. I’ve been a huge fan of Motorhead since I first heard “Iron Fist”. Lemmy was the coolest rock star ever, nobody comes close. He was also an extremely talented songwriter. His approach to writing lyrics was so unique and clever. And even though he was kind of scary looking, he was a such an extremely nice guy. He was a true gentleman. He cared for people, loved his life and I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’m not interested in anything else in the music world right now. I don’t care about Guns ‘N Roses or anything. Lemmy’s death is so shocking and so sad. I’m paying tribute to him the only way I can right now and that’s by listening to Motorhead albums all night.

  2. The craziest part of this story for me is, all the docs he was in front of over the last 2 years and not one of them even bothered to check for cancer , my sister in law went to her doc 2 months ago not feeling well, she never had a serious health problem in her life, yet, they checked her for cancer and found melanoma , they caught it in time thank god , she has been treated and is now cancer free- how sad and crazy is it that apparently not a single medical professional thought to check one of the hardest partying drug taking whiskey drinking cigarette smoking rock stars in music history for cancer??? and he was doing this all of his adult life ..and was 70 yrs old ! that is a tragedy – my heart goes out to Lemmys family and his friends. I am so sorry for your loss.

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