Along with Hashian and Grossi (whom submitted this news), Jim Collins (Vocals) and Donnie Vito (Bass), appear on the song. Listen to the 1996 performance, below.

Boston drummer John Thomas “Sib” Hashian died at the age of 67.

His son, Adam, told TMZ that Sib collapsed onstage while performing on the Legends Of Rock cruise. A witness says CPR was performed and a defibrillator was used but to no avail.

Hashian performed on Boston’s self-titled debut album, released in 1976, and on the band’s sophomore release, Don’t Look Back, issued in 1978. Due to pressure from the Epic Records label, Boston leader Tom Scholz chose Hashian to replace original drummer Jim Masdea prior to the recordings of the debut album. Sib left BOSTON during the recordings of their 1986 album, Third Stage, marking the return of Masdea.

Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi states, “Sibby was the real deal in every sense of the word. Writing and recording with him, Donnie and Jim was an amazing opportunity at age 18. I know many people will miss his smile, sense of humor and amazing drumming – He was a class act all around, which is VERY rare in this business.”

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  • Doug on

    Certainly a different take, for sure.

  • Doug R. on

    Hands down, Boston’s self-titled debut album is still the best debut album by a rock band, ever! IMO. 😉

    • Doug R. on

      Although Van Halen’s debut comes close, real close! 😉

    • Rattlehead on

      Doug R., I agree with you about Boston’s debut album being the best debut album by a rock band. The artwork, the guitar sonics/sounds, and the songs! Every song on that album was a hard rockin’ radio hit. The album came out in 1976, but it was well ahead of its time. Sad we lost another one of the great musicians who helped create that album.

    • Keith G on

      Totally agree! The first BOSTON album doesn’t have one bad song on it. I can still listen to that album and be blown away! The songs, the dynamics, the sound, it is just PERFECT!

  • PJ Schwackhammmer on

    Sib played the drums on “Rockin’ Away” with Barry Goudreau and Brad Delp shortly before Delp’s death a few years ago. It’s a better “Boston song” than anything the band actually named Boston has recorded in at least 30 years:

  • James Apple on

    In light of a talented musician’s death, I’ll just say that I can not be kind what I think of this. Much in the same way jokes are- some are for everyone, some are just for you and your buddies.

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