Thatmetalshowlogo That Metal Show returns this week for its sixth episode of Season 13 on Saturday, February 22nd at 11:00PM ET/PT.

The acclaimed hard rock/heavy metal talk show, hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine, features a long-awaited appearance by Randy Blythe and Chris Adler of Lamb Of God, considered forefathers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement. Randy and Chris appear in support of their upcoming documentary, As The Palaces Burn, which offers an inside look into the world of Lamb Of God during the tumultuous year of Randy’s alleged manslaughter in the Czech Republic. The allegations stemmed from the tragic death of a random fan attending one of their shows, and Randy was eventually and rightfully acquitted on all charges. On the show, Randy shares what it was like to be in a foreign jail and not to be in contact with his family or band mates. On the lighter side, Chris and Randy discuss their musical influences and some funny stories from their 15 years in music touring the globe.

The episode also features Anthrax thrash-drum maestro, Charlie Benante, pounding the skins as the guest musician. Charlie surprises everyone when he decides to take us to commercial break not behind his drum kit, but by showing off his blazing guitar chops. Charlie also gives an update on the status of the new Anthrax album and discusses band’s desire to make sure the music matches the caliber of their last release, Worship Music.

Episode 6 of the latest season features a Metal Modem segment connecting the hosts with up-and-coming Texas outfit Scorpion Child, a TMS Top 5 of the guests Eddie, Don, and Jim are hopeful to one day have on the show, and the always fan favorite Stump The Trunk, where Eddie continues his dominant streak by sweeping the stumpers. The Throwdown is one for the ages and pits Metallica’s Master of Puppets, Slayer’s Reign In Blood, Megadeth’s Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? and Anthrax’s Among The Living against each other.

Known for having the best musicians in music perform each week on That Metal Show, Season 13 continues the trend with the likes of these TMS alums: female guitar legend Lita Ford, Charred Walls of the Damned drummer Richard Christy, Cinderella front man Tom Keifer, and the guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. Each of these artists will make the new season the most musically diverse and rockin’ of shows in the history of the show.

This season marks some monumental changes for the show as it returns to New York City for Season 13. Previously, the show was taped over several days of one week out at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. The new season is shot at Metropolis Studios on Tuesday nights for broadcast that Saturday. Season 13 also consists of 12 new episodes making it the longest season in the show’s history. Fans can also catch the complete season 12 and brand new exclusive bonus clips at and in the new VH1 app. New episodes of season 13 launch on the web and in the app every Sunday morning following the show’s on-air premiere.

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Looking forward to seeing this episode. Gonna be awesome to see Charlie on the kit. Gotta get Chris to play for you as well, maybe next season. Cheers and keep up the good work Eddie. \M/

  • Michael Wenz on

    Well its about time! Stop putting wimpy artists on That Metal Show!!!!!!!!!!! ITS METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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