KXM, the band featuring dUg Pinnick of King’s X on vocals/bass, George Lynch of Lynch Mob/Dokken on guitars and Ray Luzier of Korn on drums, has released a video for song the Scatterbrain, which also happens to be the title of their sophmore album, out on March 17th. Watch it below.

Recorded over the span of ten days, every song on Scatterbrain was the result of a musical jam from all three members playing together in the same room.

Ray Luzier explains on the process, “We wanted to use the same formula as the 1st KXM record: book studio time, come in fresh every day with a new idea & run with it and not over think anything.” George Lynch described the sessions as Record-topia, “We showed up in the studio, camped out with a bunch of gear and let the tape roll. Just like the first album, no pre-production, no rehearsal, no pre-written songs.” dUg Pinnick adds, “The vibe was like a bunch of old friends having fun creating music like the previous record, nothing but fun!”

To read more about this release, and to view a track listing, please click here.

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  1. I am potentially Lynch’s biggest fan ever. But KXM gets the ‘meh’ from me. This song isn’t bad but it’s not great. However the main reason for this post is I’m impressed an 80’s Guitar Hero like George is actually out there doing something fresh in 2017 and getting some good responses from it. He’s not relying on 80’s schtick like many of his counterparts. Good on him.

    1. DR,

      You count me in as a huge Lynch fan, as well. My solid list of top three guitar players are:

      1. Randy Rhoads
      2. John Sykes
      3. George Lynch

      However, I am Lynch purist (I admit to being stuck in a time warp) and prefer when he plays melodic rock, as opposed to progressive music, but to each their own. 😉

      D 🙂

    2. Ya Dana I agree with you on that ideal relating to George. I actually liked the Sweet/Lynch record. But I’m also biased with Michael Sweet as well. As far as your top 3 goes, Rhoads is heads and tails #1 for me, followed by George. I would put Ace as #3 – not in terms of technical capabilities but just as far as a favorite of mine. If I’m going technical then strangely enough I have to go with EVH. But Sykes is beyond a superstar and given the day of the week, I might slot him in my top three as well.

      Here’s the million dollar question, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I just heard this song for the first time a few weeks back – but have you heard Dokken’s version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town?

    3. No, can you please share the link?

      BTW, no arguments from me on EVH, he would most likely make my top five.

      D 🙂

  2. I think KXM is some of Lynch’s best work in years, I’m a huge fan of the band. Luzier is one of the best drummers of all time, and I love Dug’s voice and bass playing. All thumbs up from me.

    Already pre-ordered the album.

    1. Thank you, and your assessment is quite accurate.

      Boy, Levin is really trying to be a Lynch doppleganger, in both sound and playing style. Sheesh-LOL.

      D 🙂

    2. I know right? I’ve never listened any Dokken with Levin. And when I first heard this I thought it must be Lynch but couldn’t figure out when they might have recorded it. If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery – then Don Dokken must’ve really loved George Lynch.

  3. I’m impressed with Lynch’s ability to adapt to the singer and style he is playing with. KXM, Mob, Sweet, Dokken, Pilson, all quite different. My Top 5:

    Zakk Wylde
    Nuno Bettencourt
    Jake E. Lee
    Eddie Van Halen
    George Lynch, but probably tied for 5th with a few others…

    1. Great list Doug,

      Nuno would probably make my top 10 along with DiMartini. Zakk would probably be up there too, as a person, he would chart even higher. I love that man, flaws and all.

      D 🙂

  4. Lets not for get the funky side of George, Project N Fidelikah. Some great musicians in this band.


    And I agree Dana Zakk is a one of a kind great guy. Quick Zakk story. So I`m a bay area guy and the wife and I saw Zakk was going to be at guitar center in san fran. So we decided to go hang out in the city and then hit the guitar center while in town. So we talked to Zakk and took some pics and hung out a bit. On the way home I kept smelling this bo-armpit smell and was thinking wtf I showered and put deodorant on today? As we were crossing the golden gate bridge I looked over to my right where my nose moved by my right shoulder and there was the pit smell bigtime. Duh, put 2 and 2 together and relized that was where Zakk had his pit resting on my shoulder when we took some pics and bsing. Good times,lol. And yes I washed that shirt,lol.

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