kix2014-400 For Kix, not recording any new music for two decades has been far too long. Fans have made it known for years that they want new music. And now, the time has finally come. The Maryland band is primed and ready to Rock Your Face Off with their seventh new album set for release August 5th on Loud & Proud Records.

It’s everything fans know and love them for: a raucous, roaring and real display of rock ‘n’ roll. The first single, Love Me With Your Top Down, will be released to radio and online retail outlets later this month. Eddie Trunk will exclusively world premiere the song during his Friday Night Rocks radio show originating from Q104.3 (heard in New York City, Long Island, NJ and CT) this Friday, June 20th from 11pm-2am ET. It will then air via his numerous North American syndicated affiliates on Saturday, June 20 and he’ll play it on Monday, June 23 during his Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk show that airs on SiriusXM’s “Hair Nation” channel (39) at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

As guitarist Brian “Damage” Forsythe explains, “When we first played Love Me With Your Top Down live just a few months ago, it went over like gangbusters with the fans. It’s a catchy little tune with classic Kix flavor, a perfect choice for the first taste of the record.”

What makes the new album even more exciting and anticipated is that it features most of the band’s original line-up: Steve Whiteman (vocals), Brian “Damage” Forsythe (guitar), Ronnie “10/10” Younkins (guitar), Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant (drums), with the exception of Mark Schenker (bass).

With Rock Your Face Off, Kix stirs up their truest statement to date in 2014. “It’s still hot women, fast cars, and great moments,” concludes Whiteman. “I want everybody to end up on their feet, whether they’re working out or stuck in rush hour traffic. This is a release, something to lift your spirits when you need it. You can party to this one.”

Kix gracefully eased back into the public consciousness in 2008. After sold out hometown gigs, the quintet hit the stage at Rocklahoma in front of over 20,000 people, venturing out of the Mid-Atlantic for the first time in 13 years. The band was hailed by many music websites and attendees as “Best Performance” at the festival, where they played alongside Sammy Hagar, Alice Cooper, Tesla, Queesryche, Ratt, and more. After capturing their fiery reunion on 2012’s Live In Baltimore CD & DVD, the band agreed to enter the studio once again.

“In many ways, this is for the Kix diehards as much as it is for us,” guitarist Brian Forsythe explains. “When we started doing this again, tons of fans came out of the woodwork. They’d show up with their kids, and it was just incredible to see. We had to deliver for them.”

In order to deliver, the band enlisted the talents of producer Taylor Rhodes (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne), with whom they had last collaborated on 1991’s Hot Wire. Also, for the first time in the group’s history, each member contributed to the writing process, fostering an extremely creative and free environment in the studio. A new dawn commenced as they simultaneously harnessed their classic spirit.

“It was more free-flowing because everybody got to write and come up with ideas,” says singer Steve Whiteman. “We encouraged this new freedom within the creative process.”

Here’s the complete track listing of Rock Your Face Off:

1. Wheels In Motion
2. You’re Gone
3. Can’t Stop The Show
4. Rollin’ In Honey
5. Rock Your Face Off
6. All The Right Things
7. Dirty Girls
8. Inside Outside Inn
9. Mean Miss Adventure
10. Love Me With Your Top Down
11. Tail On The Wag
12. Rock & Roll Showdown

Stay tuned for new tour news, but check them out at any of the following stops in the meantime:


21 Idaho Falls, ID Rock The Falls


10 Hughesville, PA Lycoming County Fair
25 Royalton, MN Halfway Jam
31 Leemore, CA Tachi Palace Casino


2 Leonardtown, MD Southern Maryland Brew & BBQ Fest
16 Greencastle, PA Greencastle Legion Grounds


3 Berlin, MD Soundwave Festival at Airlift Acres
20 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live


25 Camp Hill, PA Radisson Convention Center


20 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live (KIXmas)

Kix on the web:

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  • Amigoe70 on

    Can’t wait for this. KIX is one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time!!

  • Nobycane on

    This is going to be interesting…last album “Show Business” circa 1995, was a good album…but not perfect especially considering what is going up against in the music scene.

    So I am looking forward to this release…

    *Rockcandy Records is set to reissue/remaster their Midnite Dynamite and Blow My Fuse records in July.????
    Really……about damn time these get reissued…my original cds sound so muddled! This is about as exciting as the new release!!!!!!

  • Joe Pensanti on

    Saw Kix in a tiny club in 1988 once, and they blew the place apart. Just amazing. Then I saw them open third on the bill under Britney Fox (!) and Whitesnake. BF sucked to high heaven, Whitesnake were very good but Kix, they just had the place rockin’. They closed their set with “For Shame”, and it was epic. What a grossly underrated rock and roll band Kix is. Plus, they put on a great show. Go and see these guys, trust me, they are the real deal.

    • DR on

      Never saw Britney Fox live. I always wondered if that dude could sing the same way live as he did in the studio. Kix is a great live band, and perfect for clubs. If you’ve never seen’em, you’ve missed out on some good, fun rock n roll.

    • Joe Pensanti on

      DR: Dizzy Dean’s vocals in concert sound like someone is using a cheese grater on his jewels. Picture howling in massive pain. I was flabbergasted at how awful and 3rd rate they were. The only other band that I ever saw live that tops BF’s suckiness was Enuff Z’Nuff. I walked out. Horrid, just terrible.

  • Joe Pensanti on

    What happened to Donnie Purnell? Thanks.

    • Eddie on

      Wrote songs on new Winger album. Whiteman talked about it at length on my radio show. Said he didn’t want to do Kix and they couldn’t work together basically.

    • Joe Pensanti on

      Thanks for the info, and so quick! : )

    • dave helmcamp on

      Donnie did`nt want anything to do with reunion shows. Donnie put alot of stress on the band , where it wasn`t fun to perform. He wanted to be a control freak.

  • DennyZ on

    Kix were always underrated in my opinion. They always did great live shows and their albums were full of grooves and hooks that reminded me of AC/DC. Glad to see they are putting out a new album.

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