KISS400 Ryan Reed of Rolling Stone reports: Glam-rock icons KISS have always treated their flamboyant costumes and makeup like “battle gear,” but they’ve taken a more subtle and sleek approach by backing John Varvatos suits. In a new video for the designer’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, the band deliver an intimate performance for 200 unsuspecting fans at Varvatos’ boutique, the former home of CBGB’s.

The three-minute clip finds KISS performing two classics, Rock & Roll All Nite and C’mon and Love Me, while sporting their stylish new duds. In between the performance footage, bassist Gene Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley dish out some reliably quotable lines about rock music, their critics and the importance of fashion in their careers. Watch the video below.

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    • Jon on

      Dressed to Sell!

  • Jim on

    Looks great! Hopefully the full show they did will be on the next Kissology set!

  • DR on

    Saw the video, actually looks pretty cool with them in the suits. Hate to be that guy cause I don’t really have a problem with what they are doing know, but it would’ve been really cool to have the original 4 in the suits playing tunes from Dressed to Kill. Hope they did Rock Bottom – still the best song off that album – including the acoustic intro.

    • Ryan B. on

      I gotta go with She or Love Her All I can, but the entire album is fantastic.

    • DR on

      Can’t disagree with you on those two picks. Really a great record that didn’t get it’s due at the time.

  • Ryan B. on

    Dressed to Kill the Legacy of Ace and Peter is the more apt title.

    • Michael M on

      That is so true…Dressed to Kill…Classic Kiss. Have to admit that I agree Paul’s voice isn’t what it used to be…at least from what I heard in video.

    • DR on

      Saw them live in the fall. Paul was not in good form. Not just the singing. He looked tired and actually spent time sitting on the edge of the stage playing his guitar. The Demon however was in amazing form that night and was all over the place.

    • E Black on

      Ryan B., you are correct! LMAO

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