KISS400 Ryan Reed of Rolling Stone reports: Glam-rock icons KISS have always treated their flamboyant costumes and makeup like “battle gear,” but they’ve taken a more subtle and sleek approach by backing John Varvatos suits. In a new video for the designer’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, the band deliver an intimate performance for 200 unsuspecting fans at Varvatos’ boutique, the former home of CBGB’s.

The three-minute clip finds KISS performing two classics, Rock & Roll All Nite and C’mon and Love Me, while sporting their stylish new duds. In between the performance footage, bassist Gene Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley dish out some reliably quotable lines about rock music, their critics and the importance of fashion in their careers. Watch the video below.

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  • Frank on

    they should have played “anything for my money”….whoops… I mean “anything for my baby”

  • Steve B on

    Cool in 1975, lame in 2014.

  • Jimi on

    It would be a cool thing to go out on tour performing in the suits. That would be new and interesting to watch. With Pauls miserable voice, I’m not going though, but it would look cool anyways.

    But my God, Pauls voice is totally FUBAR …

  • Eric on

    Paul’s sounds far better than David Coverdale or Ozzy does these days and I don’t see people telling them to retire.

  • metalbatman on

    I am surprised there is nothing on this site about that NHL gig. Detroit rock city was the worst I have ever heard Paul. He was basically talking the song and his voice was cracking. This isn’t getting any better….it needs to end. I say do like 6 shows with ace and peter spread out over the world after the rock hot and quit.

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