KISS frontman Paul Stanley was recently interviewed by Roo & Ditts of Australia’s Triple M Adelaide radio station. Highlights appear below (as transcribed by

When asked if he is sad to see KISS retiring, Stanley said, “When people use terms like ‘bittersweet,’ I have to say it’s only sweet. What we’ve accomplished and what we’ve done in terms of shows and what we’ve done in terms of music, and even serving as a wake-up call to the general public of what not to accept less than…”

“If bands are making you feel that they’re doing you a favor, then you need to abandon them, because you’re paying hard-earned money,” he continued. “And all we ever wanted to be was the band we never saw, so that was the premise that started things 45 years ago. But in the meantime, I think we’ve created a relationship with our audience that is second to none.”

“On this tour, we’re so fortunate, because many times when things in life go away, we find ourselves going, ‘Gee, I wish I would have known. I would have done something different,'” he added. “Here’s a chance for us all to celebrate together what we’ve created and really to run a victory lap and re-enforce what we’ve done. And our evening with an audience this time around is really filled with incredible memories. And for our longtime fans, it’s great for them to see a show and a stage production that really ups what we’ve done to a completely different level. We wanted to make sure that on this last go-round we did something that no one has done. And that’s exactly what we’re doing…”

…On this tour, we’re playing over 20 [tracks]. We’re probably playing somewhere around 22, 23 songs, and the show runs two-plus hours. And, again, the production that we’re doing, the technical end of what we’re doing is light-years ahead of anything else that’s out there.

Mind you, it’s always important to remember that any band nowadays can buy lasers, they can buy smoke machines — all you need is money — but you can never be KISS. You can do a KISS-type show, but it’ll never be as good.”

Billboard reported earlier this week that the first North American leg of KISS’s End Of The Road tour grossed $58.7 million and sold 518,395 tickets.

The rest of 2019 will see KISS playing 26 dates in Europe, an additional 26 in North America, and eight final shows in Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. too bad they did not give the fans what they wanted in terms of a new set list,same ole tired set list they have been playing for the last 15 years,so much for the fans

  2. I agree Kiss ended with their 2001 farewell tour. I had the opportunity to see them at their best in 1978-79, but I wasn’t allowed to go even though I bought a ticket.

    Many things are ending: Bands, TV shows that you invest so much in, and they end it with a creepy kid in a wheelchair who seems to planed it from the beginning. Sorry for sidetrack. Yes, was disappointed with Ace and how he handled Richie Scarlet, guess they all have issues.

    1. WARNING: Game of Throne spoilers:

      I got that Game Of Thrones reference 🙂 . I wanted Jon to be on the Iron Throne, even though he did not desire it. Sending him back to Castle Black, where this whole mess started, made me sad, but I was happy for Ghost.

  3. As William Shakespeare once wrote, “Et tu, Ace?”

    So Ace Frehley is in the music BUSINESS? He makes seemingly ruthless decisions based purely on BUSINESS – and not just on being an all-’round good buddy and cool-guy rock star space-man?!?!

    Wow. All this time I thought Ace and Peter were only in it for the love of rock & roll (and it was those OTHER two guys who were bad people).

  4. Opps I should of posted a spoiler alert
    Spoiler Alert Game of Thrones
    I did think it was fitting for Drogon to melt the tribe to slag
    And I wasn’t surprised How Kaliese met her end
    Just thought it was too quick of a personality turn around but The Boobie prize a return trip to castle black
    I don’t think the season needs to be done over like that petition What I really like to see is a redo of the end of the road tour properly

    1. I agree, they rushed this season. However, that shot of Drogon’s wings behind Dany was, outside of the scene with Jon facing all riders in the Battle of the Bastards, with his back to the camera clutching his sword, was one of the best I ever seen.

      My heart broke for Drogon and I wonder what he will do now 🙁 .

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