Carmine, dUg and Yngwie belong to an elite group of rock stars that the public recognizes on a first name basis, even though all three use their full names. Guitar World is premiering Carmine and bandmate Kelly Keeling’s new song,This Time Around, which features performances by Yngwie Malmsteen and dUg Pinnick, listen below.

This Time Around is a triumphant song about someone having no choice but to confront a situation instead of letting it go. In going against the odds, the lyrics show why someone fights for what means the most to that person. The track came out great with the Rhythm section of Carmine rocking the drums, Kelly on rhythm guitar, and Tony Franklin playing fretless bass.  

The song appears on Carmine’s Guitar Zeus album, which is “a guitar enthusiast’s dream come true.”  It’s the only, and most comprehensive guitar legend compilation album, ever recorded, and includes: Brian May, Slash, Neil Schon, Bruce Kulick, Paul Gilbert, Dweezil Zappa, Leslie West, Steve Morse, Ty Tabor (Kings X), Richie Sambora. It features five brand new songs with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Pat Travers, John Norum, and top Japanese guitarists RaiZi and Char. 

Other projects in Carmine’s world: recording new albums— Drum Wars with brother Vinny Appice, and Cactus, who are planning shows everywhere. Carmine praises Clutch’s cover of Cactus’ Evil (Is Going On). 

One thing he is not doing, is playing with Vinnie Vincent this June. Nor did he play with him in February. Carmine states, “To set the record straight, Vinnie canceled the shows.”

Album available now on CD, vinyl, download and across all streaming platforms here.

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  1. This is the best thing Yngwie has done since the Odyssey album with Joe Lynn Turner. I wish the guy would focus on songs rather than what he does do.

    1. I thought the exact same thing. For once, Yngwie is playing for the song – not for himself.

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