paulstanley400 Martin Kelly of Classic Rock Magazine reports:

KISS frontman Paul Stanley says it’s not necessary for the band to record another album.

He believes they had good reasons to make 2009’s Sonic Boom and 2012’s Monster – but that their tally of studio outings might stop at 20.

Stanley tells Classic Rock’s Paul Brannigan, “There has to be a purpose to us doing an album. There was a time when we did albums because the contracts said so. But I only want to work now when it’s justified. Sonic Boom was an album that very much needed to be done, and Monster just felt like, ‘Well, we did Sonic Boom – let’s see where we go from here.’”

He adds, “Having accomplished that, I feel we can move forward without new music. There are enough things going on in KISS that right now it doesn’t feel utterly necessary to make a new album.”

That doesn’t mean Stanley won’t change his mind. “Anything is possible,” says Stanley. “But at the moment I don’t see it on the horizon. I’m not one to ever say ‘never.’”

KISS will close out this year’s Download festival at Donington next month – and the frontman insists they’ll deliver. “If we have the honor, you better believe that we need to bring it, and need to justify being the last band everyone’s going to see. As a band that’s never been known for subtlety, believe me, we’ll be pulling out all the stops.”

Asked whether he’d consider following other bands down the route of creating their own festival, Stanley says: “I really have no desire to do anything of that magnitude. I’d be dealing with too many idiots.”


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  1. I don’t know why it’s a surprise – or something to mock – when a band says they want to take a step back and then don’t. There is literally one band – one – that has said “we’re done” and not done ANYTHING AT ALL since: REM. Some are more honest than others, I’ll give you (Billy Joel) but it’s what these guys do. You don’t get to that level if it’s not in your blood.

    For me, I just take it as a means of resetting expectations; okay, so maybe your not “done done”, but you won’t be putting out two new studio albums a year like you did in ’77, followed by a live album/DVD for each tour. I can live with that.

  2. Thank you Dana for helping me log in. Miss the forum. Now I personally feel KISS has nothing else to prove. IMHO the last 2 CD’s were just “ok”. Nothing great. My opinion is if you want to tour and have fun then God Bless them because they keep playing the classic hits &hardly (if any) new material. So why bother making a new CD?

  3. thank god paul…….you cannot sing worth a s–t anymore…i loved kiss and always will,but i just wish paul would have lived up to his own words,long ago,when he said he wanted to leave the party when he was on top of his game,instead of people asking him to leave,i will be ok with a kiss trib band,at least you will get a fake paul that can sing,unlike the real paul that cannot..

  4. If you’ve read Paul’s book you should realize his ego is way too big by this point to walk away from anything or admit anything. He’ll find a way to blame his voice problems on somebody else,like every other thing that’s happened to him in 60 plus years of life. (My money is on Ace or Peter….) .lmao

    1. Yes, virtually everything Paul has done in the last years – book to rewrite Kissstory from the perpective of self-adulation, producing the record and telling everyone only he could or would be allowed to do it, dimishing Ace’s and Peter’s vital contributions to the sound and success of the band 8even up to niow when e.g. Tommy is emulating Ace’s licks and sound and moves), avoiding confrontation with his his voice issue, making a shed tour seem like a headlining tour through stadiums, bitching about the RRHOF’s decision, etc. etc. – has only served/was meant to show his ego as big as an apartment block. I call this an attempt to immortalise himself at the expence of the others’ share in this success story. Interestingly Gene lets him go on like this, maybe because he himself is just an egomaniac. Still I find him more humble or at least realistic in interviews sometimes. My experience in life tells me that people like Paul who so urgently need to exaggerate and twist the facts and play to the gallery (of critics, fans AND fellow band members) whenever they open their mouth actually have a very weak and insecure personality which makes them tell the whole world they are, in fact, the greatest, to compensate. It is us the fans that put them up on a stage and the strange thing is, once they are up there, they forget that they would be nothing without the fans and actually begin to believe that the ARE superhuman beings 🙂

    2. Hmmmmm. Ok, here were go again. The hatred. I really don’t understand where it is coming from…or maybe I do. People want a KISS that has Ace and Peter in it. This has been explained numerous times. The summary answer is Ace and Peter are losers. Ace and Peter themselves have said they have been losers (in general terms). And we just need to get over that. They will not be playing in KISS again. The guys do not get along. It is a problem many bands have – Van Halen for instance. I can name many bands with these same issues (Great White, Queensryche, Night Ranger, Styx, Journey, etc). So either listen or don’t. But people get so bent out of shape about it. People have to insult those that carry the band on. Then if they killed the band people would be mad at the guy who killed it. So what happens here is people get hostil about it and start throwing every insult they can about people. One thing, we all need to remember is that Paul for example did something that you loved so much that you still talk about it all these years later. Why hate the guy? He provided you with many great times. Yes, he has aged. We all do. He gave you great concerts and songs that have enhanced your lives. You should be happy that Paul and Gene keep this thing alive…with or without Ace and Peter. Believe it our not Ace and Peter hold some blame here. Let it go and enjoy.

    3. Hm, seems like you are not able to distinguish criticism from hatred. It is just because people like me are longtime fans we criticize the latest developments. Paul is no longer able to live up to his big words and ridiculous bragging. Here is someone who uses all the media opportunities given to him to glorify himself and diminish others who – at least true for Ace – were the real talent in the band, so why not take a closer look and find out that behind all these words and smoke there is a man who is making a fool of himself? People like you obviously do not understand that it is BECAUSE they did something we came to love we today criticize (not hate) what these people/the band has become. So it is not about Paul having aged, it is that he cannot DELIVER anymore, there is a major difference. Roger Daltrey has aged, Rob Halford has aged, etc., but they all still deliver. If he stopped his bragging, old Kiss fans would be able to embrace him as an aged rock star. But he has chosen the way of the old delusional fool.

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