judaspriest640 Judas Priest’s new album, Redeemer of Souls will be released Stateside on July 8th and the band has already released the title track for streaming.

Now the band has a preview of the new song March of the Damned, listen to it below.

Guitarist Glenn Tipton said “[That] from start to finish, Redeemer Of Souls is 18 songs of pure classic Priest metal.”

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  • Warbo on

    Priest rule, anyone who says they dont like a certain album, what are you expecting Screaming For Vengeance again and again, these are musicians , they create. You dont have to like every painting an artist makes but it’s still a Van Gogh at the end of the day. Just enjoy that these guys are still around and making music !

  • randyrock on

    Sounds good.halford has perect pitch..hope to see them this summer..long live the priest

  • metalmania on

    I didn’t like “Redeemer of Souls” much, but from this short clip this track sounds pretty good! \m/

  • brandon mason on

    This is how I got here:

    driving home on lunch I hear modern double bass patterns but Halford vocals think wtf. I know all old priest and they didn’t play in that style of double bass its too modern? Sound Hound the song to find out is a new release now I like the blend of new riffs with old vocal sound~

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