jimmypage400 Now that Led Zeppelin’s studio albums have been remastered and reissued, Jimmy Page is moving on to something he hasn’t done in nearly 30 years: making a solo album.

Page Bang Showbiz (courtesy Blabbermouth), “Next year I’m just going to work on the guitar. It’s time for me to go out there and do a solo album. My last solo album was 1988. I haven’t really milked the situation. It’s time to do another one. I’m known for playing many styles of guitar, and I need to revisit all the different styles I can play…I’m not thinking about singers, I’m thinking of an instrumental thing. I want to work with my strengths rather than my weaknesses. I want to work with myself, I want to get myself up and running and once I’m ready, I’ll think about whether I need someone to sing on the music.”

Page’s proper solo album, 1988’s Outrider, featured several guest singers performing over his songs, including Robert Plant. Page also recorded an album with Whitesnake singer David Coverdale in 1993 and one with Plant in 1998.

additional source: billboard.com

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  1. Hasn’t he said this every year for decades?

    I mean, I appreciate the Zeppelin remasters, to a degree, but these guys aren’t getting any younger. Do something.

  2. You know what’s truly awesome about living in a free society. You know what the 1960s accomplished. A world where Bruce Jenner is free to become a lady and Jimmy Page can become Chinese. Not bad at all. Anyways, OUTRIDER was a fun album, nothing spectacular so go ahead do another one. Gregg Allman is available if you want a go in a blues direction. No just saying instrumental albums are a bit boring. Entertain us Jimmy, we love you. I’m not even a ZEPPELIN guy but I bought 3 of your re-issues. I’ll buy more when WALMART drops the prices to $7.00.

    1. LMAO – ‘Jimmy Page can become Chinese’ – classic Richman. He does look like Jake E Lee’s dad.

  3. I’m glad to hear Jimmy Page is finally getting past Led Zeppelin. I would rather the legacy left pristine than three old guys and a singer of diminishing high-range vocal abilities do not-so-great versions of classics in Monster-domes around the world.

    That said, Jimmy says he’s going to “work on the guitars” – different from “work on an album” – which sounds like he’s going to spend 2016 practicing and writing. So an album still sounds a long time away.

  4. There are a handful of guys in rock that have earned the right to do whatever the f*** they want free of criticism and ridicule, and Jimmy Page is one of them. I, for one, could listen to him play instrumentally all day long (I am not a fan of the Chris Farlowe tracks on Outrider).

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