Jimmy Page was interviewed for a cover story for the latest issue of Uncut,  a segment of the discussion appear below courtesy of blabbermouth.net.

Speaking to writer Michael Bonner about why he feels no other bands could come close to Led Zeppelin, Page said: “It’s really hard to say something like that and not sound conceited, but over the years, a lot of other musicians have told me they thought we were the best. I’m not talking about record sales or concert attendance, although I think we can hold our own with anyone. What I mean is: when you talk about a band as a collaborative musical unit, we were the best. I am not talking about one or two genius songwriters, and everyone else tagging along. I am talking about a collection of musicians who are each at the top of their craft in their own right. In Led Zeppelin we were exactly that.”

Elaborating on why he previously told interviewer Charlie Rose in 2012 that Led Zeppelin was the best band in the world while Robert Plant objected, Page said, “If you are a young musician and you want to hear how a band works well together, then we’re a pretty good blueprint. John [Paul Jones] and me. Robert and me. John Paul Jones and John Bonham. Every combination of the quartet could bring something special. Robert probably said, ‘Oh, well, there were a lot of great bands,’ to that interviewer because that is the gentlemanly reply. And I agree with him: there’s a lot of absolutely fantastic music out there made by lots of different artists. But when you are talking about rock ‘n’ roll alchemy, I had to say what I thought. We were the best.”

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  1. Well, I think judging a band based on musical taste is worthless, Led Zeppelin isn’t my favorite band of all time but, seriously they were the perfect storm of musicians, they fed off each other like no other band could, and really are the greatest rock n roll band ever, a once in a lifetime band…so I totally agree with Jimmy…

  2. Thanks Dana,

    But, I have all of the Beatles catalog. In high school, my friend was a huge Beatles, and Sabbath fan. Queen, as well, his mom was from Scotland, accent and all. So I got into Beatles a bit late. Ticket to Ride and, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, are some of my Favs, but my favorite Beatles tune is, Across the Universe. I thought the British bands were best, because I got excited for Queen, just few years after my brother brought home Kiss Alive. Then I went out and bought Destroyer

    When I started liking the Beatles, it made my Dad happy course he’s a huge Beatles fan.

    1. First, let me say, I love Scottish burrs. so charming. My ex’s mother was Swiss, so when she said “yes,” she sounded Scandinavian, “ya, ya.”

      There are far too many Beatles songs that I love, but Paperback Writer, and Day Tripper, are some of my all time favorites.

      It’s so funny to me how the Beatles are Ozzy’s favorite band, too. I know he wanted to be a band like The Beatles, but ended up in Sabbath. You can hear their influence on him (or Bob Daisley) on Goodbye To Romance, and on an unreacted note, John Sykes’ Wuthering Heights.

    2. Hello Dana,
      Just taking a couple minutes to say “Paperback Writer”, “Daytripper”, are two of my favorite Beatles tunes too along with “Taxman”, “Day in the Life” & few others.
      While The Beatles are not my favorite band, British or otherwise, I do recognize the massive influence they had on all of music really from the 60’s on.

    3. Always loved Something in the Way She Moves and Here Comes the Sun both from the quiet Beatle.

      But have to say my favorite is The Long and Winding Road…..maybe its because that was the last song to most school dances….

      And best Beatle cover is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Elton John.
      No one could touch ELTON in the 70s —- he and his original band (and Bernie Taupin) were so ridculously talented.

    4. I don’t like anyone covering Beatles’ songs, just a quirk that I have, as to me, they will never top the Fab Four.

      However, I do, like Dokken’s cover of Nowhere Man, and that may be because, it is not a song that I am particularly attached to, and Dokken’s vocal harmonies, are spot on.

  3. At least half of Kiss were Beatles fans, as well. The song Let me Know kinda sounds like a Beatles song, but then again, your not gonna see Paul McCartney
    or Ringo Starr, go out on the road with Lennon And Harrison look a-likes for a end of the road tour.

  4. My 2 bitcoin to racoonwig:

    Going on Page’s description of a band as “a collaborative musical unit,” John Deacon’s bass playing and songwriting; Roger Taylor’s songwriting, drum playing and backing vocals; Brian May’s songwriting, innovative guitar playing and backing vocals; and of course everything Freddie, makes Queen the best “band.” This is totally biased because the only Zeppelin songs I know are from the radio and movies.

    Also, KISS is more than just stage show. Does Zeppelin have an album side of songs better than the first side of KISS Alive!? Not five random songs, but an album side? Just asking, and if so, I’ll listen and be willing to revise my opinion.

    1. Great topic.. pefect album sides

      As for Led Zeppelin – Love Led Zep 1 / 2/ 4 all songs on the album

      Kiss Alive Side 1 – love how it starts out with Deuce.
      Remember at the end of 5th grade – we were able to bring music to play a few weeks before summer vacation. My friend brought in Alive….30 seconds into Deuce and the nuns took it off the turnable and put on John Denver lol

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