Jani Lane’s cover versions are to be included in a posthumous compilation album titled Catch A Falling Star.

The record will be released on February 26th, and includes Lane’s versions of UFO’s Doctor, Doctor, Def Leppard’s Photograph and Bon Jovi’s Lay Your Hands On Me.

The late ex-Warrant frontman’s bandmates, guitarist Erik Turner, bassist Jerry Dixon and former drummer Bobby Borg all perform on the album. It also features guest appearances from Alice Cooper, singer Ryan Roxie and former W.A.S.P guitarist Chris Holmes.

Borg says, “There is no better tribute to Lane than a collection of covers. Those who saw Warrant perform live know that Lane loved to mix cover songs into the shows – songs by The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Joe Walsh, Queen, and other artists throughout our live sets. I loved that about the band.

Lane was able to convey the subject matter of a song emotionally – whether soft and heartfelt or loud and aggressive – while always maintaining a certain charm as if he were grinning warmly.”

Catch A Falling Star track list:

1. I Want You To Want Me (feat. Ryan Roxie, Alice Cooper)
2. Panama
3. Photograph
4. The Ocean
5. Doctor, Doctor
6. Electric Eye
7. Free For All (feat. Jake E. Lee, ex-Ozzy Osbourne)
8. No Surprise (feat. Chris Holmes, ex-W.A.S.P.)
9. Lay Your Hands On Me (feat. Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon)


additional source: classicrock.teamrock.com

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  1. Warrant was an absolute terrible joke of a band. However I loved Uncle Toms Cabin. Very heavy and showed Lane’s chops. The record company and Cherry Pie destroyed him. I’ve seen some of his post Warrant club gigs and he was more talented than I ever gave him credit for. I wonder where the proceeds of this release are going.

  2. Lane was a lot more talented than what that band allowed him to be, caught in the Hair Band era. I know people don’t like that term, but a large chunk of that music was incredibly one dimensional and doesn’t hold up well, like Cherry Pie.

    There was a Warrant CD i bought in the 90’s for cheap, Ultraphobic that I still listen to. Like many bands at the time, they darkened their sound in response to grunge, and I think it was a better direction for Jani. Addiction is a bitch though, such a sad story.

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