Tremonti press shot 2012 October 11, 2012 © Ashley Maile

Tremonti press shot 2012
October 11, 2012
© Ashley Maile

Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed and fan adored sophomore release Cauterize, Tremonti returns with the companion album Dust. Dust is scheduled for release on April 29th through Fret 12 Records. The album, which was recorded during same sessions as Cauterize, features Mark Tremonti on vocals/guitars, Eric Friedman on guitars, Wolfgang Van Halen on bass and Garrett Whitlock on drums. Long-time friend and collaborator, Michael “Elvis” Baskette, produced Dust.

To coincide with the announcement of Dust, several exclusive fan bundle pre-orders are now available at store/tremonti-dust. These bundles include autographed CD’s, t-shirts, hoodies, and other exciting experiences for the Tremonti fan. A teaser video has gone live talking about the pre-order and also feature a snippet of the new song Catching Fire can be seen below.

From the first riffs of album opener My Last Mistake to the final notes of the closer Unable To See, it is apparent that Dust is not a collection of B-sides or leftover material. These ten new tracks continue to showcase Mark’s hard rock/heavy metal influences alongside the material from Cauterize. Songs like Once Dead, Betray Me and Rising Storm hold their own place as weapons in Tremonti’s musical arsenal.

The track listing for Dust is:

1) My Last Mistake
2) The Cage
3) Once Dead
4) Dust
5) Betray Me
6) Tore My Heart Out
7) Catching Fire
8) Never Wrong
9) Rising Storm
10) Unable To See

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  • Michael B on

    It’s not METAL unless you relentlessly fill every moment with double bass drum fills with quarters taped to your bass drum head. tucka-tucka-tucka-tucka-tucka-tucka….

    The problem with metal, as a life long metal fan, is that it’s so easy to be unoriginal. I hope the music Wolfgang is working on is better than this.

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