Iron Maiden scored the best Billboard 200 performance of their career, and their best sales week since Nielsen Music began measuring in 1991, as the heavy metal group’s 16th studio album The Book of Souls debuted at Number Four with 75,000 total copies sold. Iron Maiden’s 2010 LP The Final Frontier also bowed in at Number Four, Billboard reports, but Book of Souls outsold that album’s debut week by over 12,000 copies. In an era of declining album sales, the legendary metal act have somehow mounted ascending first week sales for their past six studio albums.

Iron Maiden’s Book Of Souls was released on September 4th.

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  • Michael Monet on

    It is a very good allbum. People should be interested. Also it is a double album and it was reasonably priced at BEST BUY. THE RED AND THE BLACK as well as EMPIRE OF THE CLOUDS are my favorites so far.

  • john tison on

    Pretty impressive for a band that has a ballerina in it!

  • D. Comiskey on

    The anticipation has been very high for this album. Too bad it’s a major letdown. Should have been called “Book of Laziness.”

    • DR Is Live on

      Sorry you feel that way. Every dbl album has its ups and downs. And Maiden is not immune to it on BOS. But I’ll give it a sold 7 Outta 10. Speed of Light is killer and I’m digging The Great Unknown. However Tears of a Clown is definitely not working for me which pains me to say seeing as Adrian Smith composed the music for it.

    • Michael Monet on

      What if it were TEARS OF THE STATEN ISLAND CLOWN? I wonder if Shannon likes this album? It is 90 minutes of a 40 year old band and the whole thing is refreshingly original. It may be the most BRUCE Maiden album ever. Over the course of what THE FARMER’S ALMANAC predicts to be a long winter, I may spend more than a few hours listening to BOS. I’ll raise you one and give it 8/10 reduced to 4/5. I’m a math geek as well as a metal geek.

    • DR Is Live on

      Like usual Richman I’m going to completely agree with you on the ‘BRUCE Maiden album’. His vocals are especially impressive when you realize that he hadn’t treated the cancer yet when recording. Given your 80% approval rating (I’m a math geek as well), I’ll bring mine up to 75% approval which is better than Donald Trump’s approval rating currently. This means Iron Maiden has a better chance at running our country than The Donald.

  • Michael B on

    Long live Maiden.

    Best Maiden album since Brave New World for sure.

    Now they need Ghost to open for them.

    • Michael Monet on

      That’s the spirit Mike. Keep it positive. I love BNW.

  • bryan kaempf on

    I think its a good album,like if eternity should fail,tears of a clown,shadows of the valley.the final frontier was a mess.brave new world by far one of the best maiden albums ever.ranks right up there with beast.

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