IRON MAIDEN ft Lauderdale 2010 Iron Maiden will reportedly release their 16th album The Book Of Souls on September 4th worldwide – and it’s their first-ever double-length studio release.

The released was delayed after frontman Bruce Dickinson was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year – but he got the all-clear last month.

The follow-up to 2010’s The Final Frontier was recorded in France last year with producer Kevin Shirley. Artwork comes from Mark Wilkinson.

Dickinson says, “We recorded it at Guillame Tell Studios in Paris, where we’d done the Brave New World album in 2000, so the studio holds special memories for all of us. We were delighted to discover the same magical vibe is still alive and very much kicking there. By the time we’d finished we all agreed that each track was such an integral part of the whole body of work that if it needed to be a double album, then double it was going to be.”

Bassist Steve Harris adds, “We approached this album in a different way to how we’ve recorded previously. A lot of the songs were actually written while we were there in the studio. We rehearsed and recorded them straight away while they were still fresh – and I think that immediacy really shows. They have almost a live feel to them, I think. I’m very proud of The Book Of Souls. We all are, and we can’t wait for our fans to hear it when we take it out on the road next year.”

The album will be available in standard 2CD, deluxe hardbound 2CD, heavyweight triple-vinyl, standard and hi-res audio. Tour details will be confirmed in due course. Harris hits the road with solo band British Lion in July.

The Book Of Souls tracklist:

Disc 1:

If Eternity Should Fail (Dickinson) 8:28
Speed Of Light (Smith/ Dickinson) 5:01
The Great Unknown (Smith/ Harris) 6:37
The Red And The Black (Harris) 13:33
When The River Runs Deep (Smith/ Harris) 5:52
The Book Of Souls (Gers/ Harris) 10:27

Disc 2:

Death Or Glory (Smith/ Dickinson) 5:13
Shadows Of The Valley (Gers/ Harris) 7:32
Tears Of A Clown (Smith/ Harris) 4:59
The Man Of Sorrows (Murray/ Harris) 6:28
Empire Of The Clouds (Dickinson) 18:01

IronMaidenBookOf Soulscoveer640

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  • Brian B on

    Cant wait for some new Maiden. Although I hope it sounds more like old 80s Maiden.

    • Brian B on

      Album cover is Awesome !

  • Harry Taint on

    This is good news. Another Maiden album is always cause for celebration.

  • mike hardy on

    New maiden, just what the doctor ordered . up the irons!!!But with Harris going on tour with his solo band ,is there plans for a north american tour in support of the album.Keep us posted.

  • James K. on

    Awesome! The album cover looks cool. I’m a huge fan of the Derek Riggs album covers. On this one, even though it’s not done by Derek, Eddie looks like some kind of voo doo monster but still looks like Eddie to. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is not the full album cover and is just a close up teaser. I’m sure the final version will be more elaborate.

  • Kenneth Stratemeyer on

    I’m a huge fan of the six man Maiden / Kevin Shirley albums.

    Three songs over ten minutes, and a double album!!!!!!

    This is going to be awesome.

    I’m thinking a North American tour in 2016. Although the last time they hit the States, they did the nostalgia based Maiden England set. So, the next tour will probably be heavy on newer material if they follow their latest pattern. If you’re a fan of the 80s stuff, might want to check some setlists before buying a ticket.

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