ironmaiden640 Iron Maiden have released a 28-second teaser clip from their forthcoming double album, The Book Of Souls, due out September 4th. Watch the clip below.

Drummer Nicko McBrain recently called their first-ever double-length studio release “a stunning piece of work.”

He added, “Every time you make a record it’s the best you’ve ever made. This one, without a doubt, is the best record we’ve ever made. Sonically it’s brilliant. The compositions of the songs are fantastic.”

To read more about this release, and to view the track listing, please click here.

IronMaidenBookOf Soulscoveer640

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  • Brian B on

    Hell yea. Cant wait. New Maiden, Motorhead and Ghost all coming soon. And I will BUY all three.

  • Kenneth Stratemeyer on

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • James K. on

    I want to hear more, but that’s why they call it a teaser. I’d like to see Maiden really mix it up on this album. I don’t mind double albums at all as long as the album is great start to finish with an interesting, connecting theme. I’m excited they are back!

  • Nick H on

    I hope they actually cover some new ground sonically on this album. Too many 80s bands just rehashing the same old stuff. Maiden seemed to do just that with their last release, and those songs were less than fantastic.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    I half way liked The Final Frontier, but this sounds so goofy.

    • DR Is Live on

      You rag on everyone. Why are you here?

    • shannon mehaffey on

      You’re right DR, I don’t belong here.

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