As previously reported,  a new documentary about legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads titled, Randy Rhoads: Reflections Of A Guitar Icon, will be airing on Video On Demand on May 6th. 

Now, a new clip from the film has been released, which premiered on Guitar World , and can be seen below, contains archive audio of Rhoads discussing influences, as well as an exploration of the “cross-town rivalry” he had with Eddie Van Halen.

Guest interviewee Kim McNair – Randy’s friend – provides context in the clip, reflecting, “This was the years of guitar heroes. To a large degree, bands were judged on their guitar player. I think all the guitar players in town kept up on each other.”

Somewhat contrary to McNair’s recollection, though, and perhaps a reflection of Rhoads’ approach as a player, Quiet Riot fan club president Lori Hollen comments, “At some of the shows, we would see David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen there, which was always interesting to me.

“Because I know Randy never went to see them play,” she notes. “But they would always come to see Quiet Riot and Randy play.”

In additional archive audio, Van Halen can be heard discussing Rhoads himself, saying, “He was one guitarist who was honest, anyway. Because he said everything he did he learned from me.”

“He was good,” Van Halen continues. “But I don’t really think he did anything that I haven’t done. And there ain’t nothing wrong with it. I’ve copied some other people, you know?”

As mentioned above,  Randy Rhoads titled, Randy Rhoads: Reflections Of A Guitar Icon, will be available for streaming across VOD platforms, such as iTunes and Amazon, from May 6th.

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  1. “Everything he learned he learned from me”?!?!?!? That might be one of EVH’s most ridiculous quotes.

    Other than being contemporaries and the two best rock guitarists at the time, you really can’t compare Randy Rhoads and EVH. Randy was very schooled and classically-based. EVH was far more blues-based and almost “jazzy” in his disregard for “rules.” Sure, Randy incorporated two-hand tapping in his playing, but even that, he made it more classical sounding whereas EVH was more loose and spontaneous-sounding.

    This so-called rivalry might make good material for a documentary, but I don’t think it’s ever really existed. 40-plus years later, no one with any knowledge of guitar playing or music, in general, is actually debating “who’s better.” They were both tremendous – but very different – guitar players and one of them sadly passed away far too soon and before their true potential was fully realized.

  2. The greatness of Randy’s guitar playing was his knowledge of music theory, knowledge of scales, and being a devoted student of classical guitar. The greatness of Eddie’s guitar playing was the exact opposite….his lack of knowledge of music theory, lack of scale knowledge, and a self taught player. Both great guitarists taking different paths that shaped their playing.

    1. I agree with your assessment of Randy’s guitar playing. I half agree regarding Ed’s playing. While he was self-taught on guitar and played with a SEEMING disregard to theory, he had to have an inherent and instinctive knowledge of music theory simply through “osmosis” because he was classically trained on the piano. I realize that he said he used to “fake his way” through his piano lessons, but it seems impossible to endure years of classical lessons and get NOTHING out of it.

  3. Eddie van halen had a huge knowledge of music theory as he was trained on classical piano , just listen to Spanish fly.. he did have a natural gift for guitar and reinvented what you could do on the instrument, I think Randy and Eddie were so completely different , there is no real way to compare them , I personally like them both equally – Mr Crowley is just one example of some if the finest guitar work I’ve ever heard , and then there is eruption.. it raised the bar so high not just for the skill it took to play it , but his creative ability to think it up~

  4. Looking forward to seeing this. Wonder if they’ll cover the intimate relationship Sharon had with Randy when they were on tour in the early days?

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