GunsNRosesOriginal Dish Nation reports:

Legendary ​rock giants ​Guns N’ Roses​ are ​​”days away” from announcing ​a​ world​ reunion tour ​next year, Dish Nation is exclusively reporting.

Guitarist Slash ​has confirmed that he ​and lead singer​ Axl Rose have​​ ​reconciled after ​almost a decade of ​arguments and now Los Angeles music insiders close to the band say they ​have tentatively​ agreed to perform together again in 2016.

It’s expected that they will headline several festivals across Europe and the United States before heading out on a staggered world tour that will coincide with their 30th anniversary​.

“Slash and Axl have verbally agreed to get things together again and reform the original band. The live shows is where they can show the world what they had and also make the greatest earnings,” ​a music insider exclusively told Dish.

“Promoters are quietly working away to land opportunities. Details of the reunion are expected to leak out in the next few days. Everyone is expecting huge demand for tickets, but the boys are very humble and are not sure what to expect.”

Reports have recently come out saying that the band has been offered gigs in Australia, Sweden and Portugal — although reps for the band have refused to comment.

Last month a friend close to Slash confirmed that he and Axl are now talking again and a comeback tour ​is close to being rev​e​aled.

Marketing experts say that the American band are on course to bank a whopping $100 million thanks to ticket sales, CD revenue, licensing and merchandising.

“I know that he and Axl talking again is a really good sign, because we all grew up loving Guns N’ Roses. I mean I am an LA kid and I remember when they were playing the Sunset Strip,” ​Slash’s close friend John Murdy told the UK’s Mirror.

“It is so cool to see these guys back when they have been around so long.”

G​uns N’ Roses keyboard player Dizzy Reed ​recently hinted a band ​comeback is close​, too.

“With GNR, timelines don’t really apply,” Dizzy told Loudwire.

“And that’s fine, things will come out when they’re ready and we’ll go on tour when we’re ready…”

​Even Slash, who refused to speak with Axl, has painted the singer in a more positive light.

“There’s no animosity. Over time we all just got sick and tired of the black cloud,” Slash said in an interview with CBS.

“The biggest thing that happens when you have a break up that is less than harmonious, you build up a bad energy because of the distance. The bad feelings get exaggerated.”

It has been over two decades since Slash, Axl, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin and drummer Matt Sorum all stood on stage together to perform on their “Use Your Illusion” tour.

It wrapped July 17, 1993 in Argentina, and since then Axl has only since brought Duff and Izzy onto the stage with his new Guns N’ Roses band. However, he refused to appear at the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Museum induction.

The band — which started in a Hollywood deli​ and were signed in 1986​ — sold over 100 million albums worldwide.


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  • jeffrey heffernan on

    when there is this kind of money to be made ,this late in there careers ,there is no chance in hell that this is not going to happen.just like with kiss and the rest of the super groups,they will do this for a while ,then the the same old problems will crop up,and it will fall apart all over again,but in the mean time,it will be good to see the boys back together again,rocking it hard ,like they used to,not to many great groups out there anymore,and it will be good for the younger fans that are into this kind of music,to get a chance to see the band for real,kicking it up,like rock should be…..

  • RTunes68 on

    On second thought……Let me go out on a limb and make a prediction: IF IF IF this reunion actually happens, it will comprise Axl, Slash, and Duff. The rest of the band will be rounded out by new hired guns or guys from Axl’s version of G&R. In other words, I predict that Steven Adler, Matt Sorum, and Izzy Stradlin will not be involved. My reasoning? Axl questions Adler’s drumming. Axl doesn’t like Sorum. Izzy just does what he wants and can’t be relied upon. Promoters will be fine with this, just like they’re fine with non-original lineups of Black Sabbath, Van Halen, KISS, etc.

    Let the bad-mouthing of my prediction begin…

    • T on

      This is already being reported.

    • Jason Falkinham on

      This was rumored as a possibility 2 days ago…Frank Ferrer on drums and Richard Fortus

    • RTunes68 on

      Wow. I’m super behind on the eight-ball then!

  • MetalMania on

    Meh, I wasn’t on the GNR train for very long. No denying their legacy and impact though, and for all of you that really want this I hope you get your wish.

  • Medved on

    The only time I saw GNR was the ’92 GNR/Metallica stadium tour with Faith No More as the opener. Metallica completely blew GNR off the stage that day. Axlhole kept the crowd waiting for 2 hours before GNR finally hit the stage. Me and my brother eventually walked out during their set. Over a year ago I saw a tribute band Guns 4 Roses at a local Indian casino. They were much more energized and better than the original band. Yes this tour will make mega bucks and ticket prices will be insanely expensive. I’m just curious whether Axlhole will keep it together with Slash and the rest of band long enough for the tour’s duration.

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