AxlRose Daniel Kreps of Rolling Stone reports:

After months of rumors, mysterious teases, subtle, but telling, website updates and other evidence, Axl Rose will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live next week to address the talk about the classic Guns N’ Roses lineup getting back together. Multiple sources confirmed Rose’s Kimmel appearance to Rolling Stone, but declined to reveal the specific nature of his announcement or taping date. Rose previously appeared on Kimmel’s late-night show in 2012, which marked his first live interview in 20 years.

…With rumor talk now centering on everything from a Coachella headlining set to a stadium tour, Rose himself will address the situation on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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  1. If Axl and Slash have another falling out for 25 years, they will look like John Voigt and Morgan Freeman performing ROCKET QUEEN and a Charles Manson song.

  2. I actually do hope this happens. I never got a chance to see GnR back in high school/college. Despite the fact it will cost me an arm and a leg, I’m looking forward to it. As long as Axl shows up on time (main reason I never went, actually).

  3. I’m a GNR fan, and I think it would be really cool is Slash and Axl toured together.

    But, seriously, is Guns N Roses really worth spending $300 a ticket (after service charges)? One great album, a decent EP, two good albums (which could’ve been trimmed down to one amazing album), and an awful covers album. Is this catalog really worthy of a $300 concert ticket?

    I’d love to see them live, but I’m very hesitant to spend that kind of money. Especially, when other legendary, more dependable, acts with better catalogs will be touring for a fraction of the cost.

    Maybe I’m getting cynical, but this reeks of a huge cash grab.

    1. Finally someone who agrees with me One really really good album is all they ever did (Appetite is a classic). I never saw what everyone else did in the spaghetti and illusion music. Is there a little anxiety to maybe get fired up to see these guys? yes but not at $300 a ticket.

    2. Totally agree Kenneth – No doubt it’s a huge cash grab. Its not like Axl and Slash rediscovered an undying love for each other, unless Slash has also tweeted support for all things Taco Bell. Listen, I saw the original 5 twice back in ’87 including their opening for The Cult (blew my freaking mind back then). I don’t need to see this and wouldn’t shell out $100 to see this. But I think there are people like D Comiskey above who will pay it because they never saw it before, and I don’t blame him and I hope he has a really good time at the show. I also think there are fans who spent huge dough on the Chinese Democracy version and will do so again. And then there are those who’ll say ‘its not a reunion because Adler isn’t there…blah blah blah. Go if you want or don’t go if you want. There’s no wrong or right. We’ve just lost Lemmy and Weiland. We need something juicy or at least not about death to start the new year. So I’m just happy there’s some hot stove chatter going on that doesn’t relate to who died, who’s about to die, or who’s wearing who’s make up, or who threatened to kill who. Happy New Year everybody.

    3. I’ve never seen any incarnation of GNR in person. I did get to see VR back in 2005, so I’m thinking that’s my only chance.

      I’d gladly drop $100 to see a reunited GNR, maybe even $150 but I think $300 is asking an awful lot. It’s not like these guys are in the same league at the Paul McCartneys and Rolling Stones of the world.

      Of course, those prices are only speculation, but I may be way off base.

    4. On another note, I saw McCartney last summer and he still kills it – better than performers half his age. Can’t remember what I paid to see him, but I’ve seen him twice and both times were well worth it.

    5. Aw shucks, I put a lot of thought into that. I was trying to be entertaining. Not a Scot Baio fan? That’s okay. Do you at least like TWISTED CHRISTMAS? Dick Wagner was great as well !

    6. No no, you were great as per usual. You know you’re kinda like good bottle of champagne, you’re so good I get used to to you and take you for granted and for that I am truly sorry Richman. I was a closet Joannie Loves Chachi fan back in the 80’s. And speaking of Twisted Christmas, their version of Silver Bells was a constant in my household this yuletide season. My two boys love that album…drives my wife nuts – Oh Come All Ye Faithful is good as well. I played a lot of Trans Siberian Orchestra as well. I don’t like everything they do, but they get it right sometimes and when they do its spectacular.

  4. Rumor has it (well, I’m making up the rumor), that it will be a pre-taped interview. Jimmy Kimmel went to an undisclosed location and waited 14 hours for Axl to show up. When he finally showed up at 4 a.m., Axl looked and dressed exactly like Mickey Rourke in douche-y Ed Hardy clothes and Criss Angel jewelry. He also didn’t really answer any questions….Sources (me) say Kimmel behaves like a giddy schoolgirl throughout the interview and never asks any questions that might rankle Axl in the slightest…unlike how Jimmy says he’ll ask the tough probing questions if he ever gets Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons on his show…

    Wait. Am I confusing events?…

    1. Very funny. I love how people who weren’t even there know what went on behind the scenes and the conditions for doing such an interview. Guess you were part of the network and there? Please let me know. Don’t recognize your email from the crew list..

    2. Oh, come on. Lighten up, Ed!

      I was TOTALLY joking (and maybe being a little satirical)!

      As a 30-year die-hard fan of both your radio and TV interviews, I was actually poking fun at Axl. It was pretty obvious to any longtime listener/viewer – especially by your reactions! – that there must’ve been a laundry list of conditions. As for the KISS reference, the “feud” between you guys is famously silly. So I was goofing on the absurdity of it all.

      For the record, I still look forward to more seasons of TMS and your show is the only time I ever listen to “Hair Nation.”

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