Comedian Kevin Hart, who is currently on a publicity tour, with his pal Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for the forthcoming movie, Jumanji: The Next Level, has been pictured wearing an Exodus T-shirt.

After viewing some of the footage posted online, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, posted the following message to his Instagram account:

“”Okay everyone… yes I’ve seen this! Haha! Is he a fan? I highly doubt it, more likely his stylist bought it for a small fortune at some vintage tee shirt shop, if it’s not a modern bootleg. How do I feel? Eh. Another dude using metal shirts to look edgy. Who knows? BUT. I’m a HUGE Kevin Hart fan, so I give him a pass cause he makes me laugh my ass off!”

Hart is just the latest in a growing trend of celebrities wearing heavy metal t-shirts as high fashion. Rapper Kanye West has previously been criticized for repping vintage band tees, and Kim Kardashian is regularly spotted wearing Metallica t-shirts.

Back in 2017, Kim’s half-siblings, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, used iconic rock images of Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, KISS, Led Zeppelin, etc. superimposed with their own, to sell as T-shirts (see them here). The Jenners apologized for the offensive merchandise.

Additionally, after Kendall Jenner was seen getting wearing a Slayer T-shirt, guitarist Gary Holt, who also plays with SLAYER — apparently responded by wearing a t-shirt onstage that read “Kill The Kardashians”.

According to, after Kanye West was spotted wearing a Testament t-shirt in 2016, the band’s guitarist Alex Skolnick reacted negatively in an online post, writing, “Goodness gracious. This whole decrepit clan must have picked up a pile of old concert t-shirts (the same pile Kourtney K’s Slayer shirt came from) which have somehow become a ‘thing’ in trendy fashion (who’d have thought?!!). Inconceivable that any of these pop-culture vultures know who the heck any of the bands are. My guess is he thinks it’s a religious group (not the first time that’s happened). That is, if he thinks at all, which lately seems unlikely. And I thought this time period couldn’t get any weirder…”


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  1. Yeah, I the had ripped jeans with band logos sewn in. I traded off between a beaten up leather jacket (Fonzy style) and a denim jacket with Iron Maiden,Judas Priest and Def Leppard patches, a Kiss army one on the sleeve, and on back, a huge patch of The Kiss Destroyer album cover and in winter a long red scarf loaded with band pins. I got it from a place on 3rd street in the village.

    1. I remember in high school, my ex loaned me his painted denim vest (he had two, one with the inside picture from Zeppelin IV and Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell cover) to wear over my MC, and some of my classmates signed it. He was so angry when I returned it. Oh well…it was his Zeppelin vest, thankfully, not the Sabbath one. 🙂

  2. I was an extra in Robert Tepper’s Unforgiven video and you can see me on there pretty good, I’m the first “fan” to appear stage left…..and I had the metal look too…with the Klaus…man, I looked like such a geek too…lol…

    1. As long as it doesn’t have a picture of a Kardashian superimposed on it I think your fine d

  3. D7, while I would never wear that t-shirt, I don’t think it makes you a “poseur”, as long as you’re a fan of the band. The “imposter” issue is very polarizing, so I hope your Tinder date has the same opinions as you on the matter. :O)

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