As previously reported, KISS frontman Paul Stanley appeared on his former bandmate, Ace Frehley’s covers album, Origins, Vol. 1. Stanley sings, and appears in the video of Free’s, Fire and Water.

Todd Van Luling of the Huffington Post caught up with Frehley, who was promoting his upcoming October performance at Rock Carnival in New Jersey, to discuss the reunion. Portions of the article appear below.

Frehley was happy that his partnership with Stanley made so many headlines. The two even got along more or less. “We’re both professionals and seasoned professionals at that, so the whole process [was] really painless and a lot of fun,” said Frehley. “I just said, ‘Bring a couple different outfits, I’m going to bring a couple different outfits.’ But you know, we’re usually on the same page.”

Of course, the reunion was still unexpected for Frehley. “I was really surprised how receptive Paul was,” admitted Frehley. “How great the process was and fun and just a pleasure working with him again…”

…“Well, [the founding KISS members are] not sort of brothers, they are brothers in rock ‘n’ roll,” said Frehley of how he still has love for his former band. “Me, Paul, Peter and Gene started something really special that’s endured to this day. Even though I’m not playing with the band at this time, it’s …” Frehley paused for a laugh and then continued, “It’s a rock n’ roll circus.”

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  • DR Is Live on

    ‘…even though I’m not playing with the band a this time…’

  • el loco on

    Kiss should get Ace back (Peter cannot do it anymore) and make one final tour. Has anyone seen footage of the latest Kiss concerts? A small stage, a nothingness of a stage set consisting only of a few naked trussrods with lights on it, no flying from Gene or Paul, the only “spectacle” (as you would expect from Kiss) is the back screen, so this looks cheap while it is advertised yet again as the greatest show on earth. All are just going through the motions, I see a clear parallel to their situation in the mid 90s playing smaller and smaller venues. They are clearly on the downward spiral but do not seem to notice – it is sad to see (and hear, cf. Paul’s voice). Ace on the contrary still has it, so he could breathe some last life into it and the fans would get their real farewell tour. As it is now, I wonder, is it just milking the cow to the last drop possible, or are they old people who just cannot let go, face reality and acknowledge old age …?

  • jeffrey heffernan on

    thats nice to see them getting along,and acting like the professionals that they are.lifes too short….

  • Rattlehead on

    Do I smell a KI$$ reunion with the real Space Man? I hope so, Tommy “Faker” needs to go!

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