Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley spoke to our very own Eddie Trunk on his SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation show about why he parted ways with the solo band that included: Richie Scarlet on guitar, Chris Wyse on bass and Scot Coogan.

“That was hard,” Frehley admitted [as per].

As for how the change happened, Ace said, “Well, I had performed with Gene’s [Simmons, KISS bassist/vocalist] backup band in Australia, and then Gene, for some reason, canceled his trip to Japan. So I went to Japan with his band and we did eight shows. And they’re super tight; they all sing lead — four-part harmony. I mean, I’ll never forget playing 2000 Man the first time with this band, and all of a sudden, I’m hearing all the harmonies that were on the original record done by Paul [Stanley] and Gene. I’m saying, ‘Great.’ So, after the last show in Tokyo, I said to these guys, ‘Are you available? Would you consider doing the [‘Kiss Kruise’]?’ And they said, ‘Yeah.’ They’re all fans of mine. And they’re cheaper than my band, and I’m trying to cut costs down. I cut one crew member… It wasn’t just about funds. I would have paid them what I’m paying my band right now, because they’re that good. But don’t let them know that.”

When Eddie inquired about how Scarlet, Wyse and Coogan took the news that they were being replaced, Frehley replied, “Chris took it really well. He’s been playing with the [Hollywood] Vampires, he told me he was doing solo shows with Joe Perry, and he’s one of the most sought-after bass players in Los Angeles. So Chris took it really well. Scotty didn’t take it very well. And Richie didn’t take it well, because his wife had just passed away [after battling ALS for many years].”

He continued, “It was a nightmare, because I kept procrastinating, because I said, ‘How can I call Richie and let him know I’m using another band when his wife is on her deathbed?’ And it was tearing me apart. Finally I just said, ‘I’ve gotta man up.’ So I called him and I told him briefly why and… and he hung up on me. [Laughs] He goes, ‘I can’t believe this s–t,’ and he hung up on me. So, two days later, I called him back in the evening, and I said, ‘Rich…’ He apologized for hanging up on me. I’ve known Richie forever. So we healed. He told me he loved me like a brother; I told him the same. I said, ‘Tell me what I can do for you, because I know you were expecting the money from the cruise.’ So I wired some money into his account to help pay for Joann’s funeral. She was a wonderful lady.”

Frehley went on to defend his actions explaining, “Bad timing is bad timing, but business decisions really don’t… can’t… with personal life, it never jells. It’s never the right time, in a lot of cases.”

Listen to Eddie’s interview with Ace by clicking here.

Frehley’s new solo album, Spaceman, will be released through eOne on October 19th.

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  • robert davenport on

    very sh–y thing to do – his band was very very good , drummer tight as hell great vocalist – stupid move musically , disgusting thing to do personally – i’m done with all things related to kiss –

  • Keith G on

    I am kind of split on this one. While I get that Ace’s band had been with him for quite awhile, and the timing with Richie’s wife passing away was not ideal, sometimes you just have to move on. Ace made a business decision that he had to make. He decided he enjoyed playing with the guys in Gene’s band, and wanted to continue working with them. Does it suck for the guys in Ace’s old band? Absolutely! But sometimes life isn’t fair. Ace is the boss in this situation, and he gets to make the call!

  • robert davenport on

    Ace could have had a business meeting to talk about money , because as musicians they were great , and their skills as players could not have been the issue – it was either a personal conflict or money…
    if they wouldn’t take a pay cut then you make the decision to make a change, you don’t just fire someone over the phone with out talking first- that was a really disgusting way to end things , then he put Ritchie in a desperate position , he did send him money … at that point Ritchie probably had to take the money no matter what – how do you do this to a close friend , the guy could flat out play and he had great energy on stage … i’m holding out hope pete doesn’t do something stupid…..and completely ruin kiss

  • DR Is Live on

    I said it before when this story first popped up, this is 100% about money.

    While Gene’s band is incredibly tight, nobody buys a ticket to an Ace Frehley show because of the back up band.

    Its his right and his band. But that also means he can deal with the flack from whatever decision he makes.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    …..smh…..Guys, you don’t put restrictions on people and how they conduct their business; you guys act like Ace drove his car into their living rooms…you forgive so much of what he did, I wouldn’t get in a car with him driving…lol…but here you are just making all of these accusations when you don’t know what went on with that group. Lol…Doug R., how would like Eddie Trunk coming to your house and telling you who to have over and what kind of parties you had to have..? Well. maybe you would like that…lol…but you wouldn’t want someone telling you who you could work with and who you couldn’t….we all agree to things where we are are in a position that we wouldn’t want this rule imposed on us….Ace didn’t owe those guys ANYTHING, ok? An employer is not obligated to take care of its employees when it isn’t in its best interests, or even if it is. This is not a Bob Daisley situation….Stop using a horrible tragedy as a ground for your bad reasoning. (His ex-bass player gets it, and you guys don’t…)

    • Doug R. on

      Whatever, bro. No worries, there will still be plenty of Cold Gin and Red Rocket Rides at my birthday party flying high tomorrow night! 😉 Of course, on Aero Force One! Gotta go, bro, time to Rock & BOWL! Cheers!!

    • Charles Clinchot on

      Well Ace did drive through his own living room once.

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