On the heels of the announcement of his first-ever full-length instrumental album Seamless, guitar icon George Lynch has released the album’s debut single Death By A Thousand Licks. George opens the track with firecracker guitar licks that seem to emanate from another galaxy. With drum and bass then quickly entering the fold, George takes the listener speeding down a sonic highway full of guitar tricks and acrobatics, arguably packing more licks than the song title suggests. Fans who pre-order the album on iTunes will receive an instant download of Death By A Thousand Licks. Listen to George shred on Death By A Thousand Licks, below.

Death By A Thousand Licks was the last piece I wrote for Seamless,” George Lynch explains. “I decided to do something that was maniacal and shooting from the hip, completely improvised. It isn’t really intended to be a fully developed composition but more of a vehicle for solo insanity. I think at least half of what I played is in the right key.”

Pre-order Seamless on iTunes here

To read more about this release, and to view a complete track listing, please click here.

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    1. Doug, this thing completely smokes…he sounds like Alan Holdsworth doing metal guitar..You know, you are canceling him for canceling? ..and the notes in the music have no political agenda…music should stand on its own. I do like the fact that you say what you really think though.

    2. Shannon, I was always a Lynch fan, especially with Dokken, and the Lynch Mob (gee that name sounds familiar) and I’m sure his new stuff is really good as well, but I am so sick of all the ass-kissing to Cancel Culture right now, I’ve had enough of it. So much so that (and I know this was extreme) I threw out all of my Lynch Mob CD’s! I was that pissed at him for bending over and giving in to all the bullsh-t. But I still have my Dokken’s, I still enjoy rockin’ with Dokken! 😉 Mostly because of Brown, Pilson, and Lynch, – before he became brainwashed…

    3. Doug….your conclusions are invalid, or illogical. I am tempted to set out another one of my hypothetical syllogisms that I used to put up here way back in 2013. Put another way: if canceling is wrong, then why are you doing it? Also, it’s not like he changed his actual name…he’s still George Lynch…as he has emphatically stated with his best work…I’m serious Doug, from what I heard on my crappy computer system, this music is the best stuff he’s ever produced. To your other, valid, point: Don Dokken is very underrated. He never over muscled the song ..he let the lyrics breathe and come to life in the song.

    4. Shannon, my conclusions are not invalid, or illogical. He changed the name of HIS band – Lynch Mob to whatever the hell it is now, because of Cancel Culture, which was completely wrong, “Lynch Mob” was just the name of a Rock band, a play on his God-given name, and mob is just another word for a group of people/musicians, whatever! I have a valid reason for “canceling” listening to Lynch anymore, difference is he had NO reason for canceling his band name, none. Everybody cancels something now and then when it’s valid and or necessary, you never cancelled a credit card? 😉 Changing your band’s name because of politics is NOT valid or necessary.

    1. Doug, that is a great answer. I’m serious, you addressed my point exactly…but, you canceled him because you don’t agree with what he did..and that’s exactly what Cancel Culture is. Thus, invalid. Also, his music didn’t do anything. Music is its own thing.

    2. No, no, no, I didn’t cancel him, he canceled me! I just don’t want to and I can’t listen to him anymore, not “For A Million Years!” 😉 I totally agree, music is it’s own thing, there’s alot of musicians that I don’t like, but I still like and will listen to their music, with a few exceptions, and right now, George is on my sh-t list.

    3. Actually, the day he decided to changed his band name from Lynch Mob to whatever, was the day he canceled me, and many others I’m sure.

  1. I get you not wanting to deal with him anymore…i.e., give him your future business. But, when you threw out his albums…that’s Cancel Culture. And this guy his been in your life for decades…you can’t cut him a little slack? Put his records aside and just say “I’m mad at you…” and maybe go back to them much later? If my feelings for Paul and Gene don’t qualify as unconditional love ..then I don’t know what does…..and bro..his new music is devastating…those goofy drum fills aside…he has never been better than he is now.

    1. I totally get the Gene and Paul scenario, they drive everybody f–king crazy! 1 minute you love em, next minute you hate em! Anyway, hey, I didn’t cancel Lynch out altogether, I still have my Dokken CD’s! It’s just after I heard about what he did, I was so pissed/angry that in a moment I just threw out my 3 Lynch Mob CD’s! Again, I didn’t cancel him, he canceled me! And who knows, I may even buy em back down the road… It is all about the music after all.

    2. Ugh, forgot to add “Mr. Scary” is still 1 of my all-time favorite instrumentals, and that will never change.

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