With over 40 years playing guitar and songwriting as a professional musician, career firsts are minimal for someone as prolific as George Lynch. On August 20th, George gets to add another highlight with the release of his first-ever full-length instrumental album, SeamlessThe album is being released via Rat Pak Records and features nine brand new tracks and three bonus tracks from Lynch who is backed by drummer Jimmy D’Anda and bassist Eric Loiselle on the album. Seamless is produced by Lynch and is now available for pre-order in various configurations here.

Seamless is my attempt at creating a guitar driven instrumental record that delivers something outside the realm of what most people would expect from a guitar instrumental record coming from a semi-redeemed 80’s hair shredder. I wanted the record to be challenging but not exhausting ; personal without being belligerently self-indulgent and include a fair amount of guitar histrionics and pay tribute to the masters without making it sound like I’m competing to be the end all summation of all guitar legacies that preceded me. I also wanted the underlying music to be more than vehicles for solos; I wanted the compositions to be able to stand on their own,” explains Lynch.

From the driving guitar riff of album opener Quiver to the haunting outro of album closer Falling Apart, it is clear George Lynch was looking to explore his writing and love for the guitar. Songs like Cola, Sharks With Laser Beams, and Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing explore the various musical styles George likes to play while giving him room to experiment with new sounds alongside his signature tone. The album on all formats includes three bonus tracks that were added to the album after the extra tracks were presented to the label. Blue Light Effect, House Of Eternal Return and The Weight also show the musical diversity that only George Lynch as a trio can create.

The track listing for Seamless is:

1.   Quiver

2.   Cola

3.   TJ69

4.   Death By A Thousand Licks

5.   iThink

6.   Sharks With Laser Beams

7.   Octavia

8.   Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing

9.   Falling Apart

Bonus tracks:

10. Blue Light Effect

11. House Of Eternal Return

12. The Weight

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  1. I think it’d be great if Lynch included his son in law, Richie Faulkner, on one of his many projects. It’d be great to hear them jam together.

    1. They should put George in there and have him take Glenn’s spot…get his ’80s hair back…

  2. “Sharks With Laser Beams”, well he definitely still has a sense of humor! I give him credit, he’s keeping busy and keeps on playing. Cheers!

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