Black Country, March 15, 2010, Malibu, CA Black County Communion frontman Glenn Hughes says the band “is over” because guitarist Joe Bonamassa has left, and won’t let the remaining members keep using the name.

The classic rock outfit released three acclaimed studio albums before internal tensions boiled over, with Hughes last year revealing he was thinking of quitting because he wanted to play live, and Bonamassa insisted he wasn’t available.

That led to a series of public outbursts in which the two musicians took pot-shots at each other before both said they were ready to “move on.”

They appeared to calm down later and said they were talking to each other again. But Bonamassa continued to insist he’d always said he wouldn’t have time to tour in support of 2012 album Afterglow – while Hughes, drummer Jason Bonham and keyboardist Derek Sherinian suggested they’d been led to believe otherwise before the record was recorded.

Earlier this month the blues axeman said he was “happily not involved any more” and revealed he’d become disillusioned during their 2011 tour because he found it “very tense.”

In reponse, Hughes tweeted, “Just so it’s crystal, BCC is over. Joe left and will not allow us to keep the name. Nice, huh? Jason, Derek and I will continue when the time is right.”

He added, “I have my hands full writing my first solo rock album in five years.” Hughes says he began writing tracks on March 21st, and he reflects, “I choose happiness and have nothing but love to offer. Everything is the way it’s meant to be.”

Last year producer Kevin Shirley told Classic Rock that a series of disagreements had almost led to the band’s third album never happening. But he remained confident that, given time, the dust would settle.

He said, “You can’t take away the fact that these are the ultimate rock stars, and there must be something about that rub that makes the music amazing. There will be another record. I would guess we’ll record it in early 2015 – look for it in October 2015.”

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  • Greg on

    This is just BS!! I don’t really have much more to add over what has been said, but it seems the folks on here agree that Joe is cock blocking BCC and that is just arrogance. Best rock I have heard in the last few years, should have known it would not end well.

  • Scrape on

    Joe doesn’t need BCC, however, BCC needs Joe. Great band, mediocre songs.

    • Mark101 on

      Thank you Scrape! ‘Nuff said!

  • Kale Baldwin on

    I like most of Joe’s solo music, but he’s not approaching this the right way. I agree that they should use the Chickenfoot model: musician’s that love each other and get together when they can. Satch has a solo career too (and, like Bonamassa, it is his main source of income), but he makes time for Chickenfoot. Joe B. has a giant ego due to all of the pampering from other musicians. Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, B.B. King, and many others butter him up way too much (not implying that he doesn’t deserve it: The guy can play like a motha!). He has been pampered like that since he was a kid. I got a similar start as him (I was playing bar gigs in 8th grade), but B.B. wasn’t there to tell me I was good. And this guy trashes SRV, which is totally uncalled for. Joe wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for Stevie.

    As far as BCC goes, they don’t need him. I’m still rooting for Jake E. Lee, and I won’t give up. I think he would not only be a great replacement, but he would bring a new element to the band, and perhaps be a better fit.

    • Dana on

      Can you please tell me when and where he slammed Stevie Ray Vaughan because I cannot seem to find anything about it online. I am not discounting what you have said, just merely asking for an explanation.

      Also, although I do not know a lot about Joe Bonamassa, I did see him perform live recently, and I thought he was great. Additionally, contrary to what others have said, I actually think he has a very good singing voice. But, to each their own.

  • Guido on

    Let me the first to defend Joe in this. First off, I’m a big fan. Have all his music inc. BCC,Beth Hart and Rock Candy Funk Party. I think he is one of the best Guitarists around. Period. As to his not wanting to tour, it’s more a matter of prior commitments than not wanting to tour. Although he did say it wasn’t fun anymore. You realize, of course, that he and his team book venues and events three years out so touring with BCC wouldn’t have worked. Glenn, Jason and Derek all knew ahead of time that hie solo career and commitments come first. If anyone was being a Diva in this, I would say it was Glenn. He got a taste of long past glories and wanted it to continue. To the guy who commented about the number of guitars on his Vienna DVD, a little research would serve you well. It’s not an ego thing, Joe is one of the most humble guys I have met, but a tuning thing. Each song required a different tuning and sound, so therefore many guitars. Then again, maybe it’s a jealousy thing because he has and you probably don’t.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Doug on

    Joe why didn’t you play the alrosa villa in Columbus more . If so this would have been worked out probably, long ago. Ihope Jason gives you a severe beating you bum. Inever would have heard of you if not for BCC. i’m notmuch for wanking off on the guitar for 20 miutes as a song I like songs you know with vocal hooks and great vocals not instrumental wanking off.

    • Dana on

      Check out Bonmassa’s “Dislocated Boy.” I think it’s a pretty good song.

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