Black Country, March 15, 2010, Malibu, CA Black County Communion frontman Glenn Hughes says the band “is over” because guitarist Joe Bonamassa has left, and won’t let the remaining members keep using the name.

The classic rock outfit released three acclaimed studio albums before internal tensions boiled over, with Hughes last year revealing he was thinking of quitting because he wanted to play live, and Bonamassa insisted he wasn’t available.

That led to a series of public outbursts in which the two musicians took pot-shots at each other before both said they were ready to “move on.”

They appeared to calm down later and said they were talking to each other again. But Bonamassa continued to insist he’d always said he wouldn’t have time to tour in support of 2012 album Afterglow – while Hughes, drummer Jason Bonham and keyboardist Derek Sherinian suggested they’d been led to believe otherwise before the record was recorded.

Earlier this month the blues axeman said he was “happily not involved any more” and revealed he’d become disillusioned during their 2011 tour because he found it “very tense.”

In reponse, Hughes tweeted, “Just so it’s crystal, BCC is over. Joe left and will not allow us to keep the name. Nice, huh? Jason, Derek and I will continue when the time is right.”

He added, “I have my hands full writing my first solo rock album in five years.” Hughes says he began writing tracks on March 21st, and he reflects, “I choose happiness and have nothing but love to offer. Everything is the way it’s meant to be.”

Last year producer Kevin Shirley told Classic Rock that a series of disagreements had almost led to the band’s third album never happening. But he remained confident that, given time, the dust would settle.

He said, “You can’t take away the fact that these are the ultimate rock stars, and there must be something about that rub that makes the music amazing. There will be another record. I would guess we’ll record it in early 2015 – look for it in October 2015.”

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  1. Sitting back and thinking before i post again i can’t help to think also if this is one of those Glenn is blaming Joe again stories. If you go back a couple of pages theres some news of Joe sayin he gives BCC permission to carry on without him now Glenn says they can’t which one is telling the truth. Eddie get both of these guys on TMS or your radio show and see what gives.

  2. I loved BCC and all the guys. The music they produced was simply awesome. I have longed for the days to pick up an album and get that feeling like I had when I heard my first Deep Purple album in high school. Thanks BCC for that! I had read a whole lot more of Bonamassa fan reviews about his humble personality and devotion to his fan base to believe him being the jerk that the rollers make him out to be. If you want to know the real problem, just read Glenn’s autobiography. Glenn has by his own admission been a very screwed up dude. He get’s a 8th or 10th chance to prove he can be the great musician he was capable of being, and now it’s Joe’s fault.

    Joe has lived his life right, worked harder than Glenn could in 5 lifetimes, and takes this? Joe, you are doing the right thing… Distance yourself from this and stick to your fans. You have worked to hard for this. You stand alone in the guitar world.

    1. JOE has worked harder than GLENN?!?!? are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!? guess you never saw or listened to his EXTENSIVE DISCOGRAPHY from SABBATH, PURPLE, TRAPEZE etc…..your an IDIOT….JOE should have KISSED the ground that HUGHES, JASON, and DEREK WALK ON just to be on the same FUCKING STAGE ith those legends…they are legends DOUCHAMASSA is an overrated asshole…

    2. Glenn, Jason and Derek would still be flipping burgers at Carl’s Jr. if it wasn’t for Joe! Everyone at the BCC shows were there to see Joe and maybe Jason. Glenn just admit it, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! BCC is NOTHING without Joe!

  3. The trouble with Legacy Musicians is they are limited by their legacy. These guys are great musicians who were made better by their collaboration with Joe. They all hitched a ride with a rising star and that ride is over. So be it. I just finished watching the Tour De Force DVD’s and Joe Bonamassa and I’m convinced that Joe Bonamassa is and will continue to be a legend for the times. In my 61 years I have seen virtually every major guitar player known multiple times and Joe B ranks up there with them all. The thing is he’s just getting started and the rest of Black Country Community are waining so my suggestion is to just get over it and move on. Obviously Joe has evolved past this project.

  4. JB is as humble as they come, as you watch him perform, understand, that’s what it is, a performance. Ego, really??? Have you heard him interviewed, he’s a guitar geek, that knows how to play guitar.
    He’s at a point in his career, that he does not have to make music you like, he wants to do what he wants to do, a very nice place to be in one’s own career, huh?
    There are other bands out there, most suck, but the record companies own them, do you really think you are hearing the artists best efforts on the CD these days, nope, you are hearing what the record companies direct them to produce, via a contract, listen to what you want, waaaa I want BCC, too bad, stick a fork in em, they’re done! A true showing of a band not living up to the press hype.
    Do you really believe in the super group thing? how friggin super were they? two old heads, and two modern musicians, super group,,,, woweee. Grow up, it’s about a business decision, and being able to do what you want, and not have a noose around your neck, doing what everyone else that has their hand in your pocket wants you to do.

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