As previously reported, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, KISS frontman Gene Simmons, explained why Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth, is not opening for KISS’ recently announced new Las Vegas residency dates.

Simmons said, “…it bears noting that during Dave’s heyday, nobody did what he did. He was the ultimate frontman. Not Plant, not Rod Stewart, nobody. He took being a frontman way beyond anything. And then, I don’t know what happened to him… something. And you get modern-day Dave. I prefer to remember Elvis Presley in his prime. Sneering lips, back in Memphis, you know, doing all that. I don’t want to think of bloated naked Elvis on the bathroom floor.”

Roth responded to Simmons’ comment with a simple meme, that can be seen here.

Now, via Us Weekly, Simmons has apologized for his initial statement stating (as per, “I am so sorry and ashamed, actually, that I hurt David‘s feelings. I’m the guy, actually, that saw [Van Halen] at a club [in the 1970s], signed them to my production company, flew them to New York, produced their first 24-track 15-song demo and championed the band. And, actually, we took David out as our opening act on the [KISS’ End Of The Road] tour. And in the course of an interview… You hear me talking — I just sort of stream of consciousness… I don’t mean to hurt people’s feelings, and every once in a while, diarrhea of the mouth comes out.”

He continued, “I read that quote, and somehow the way they put it together… I think I said something like, ‘Nobody touched David in his prime — not Robert Plant, not Jagger, not anybody… He was the king.’ And then somehow there was a segue to Elvis bloated on the ground and fat and naked and I don’t wanna see that. I wasn’t talking about David, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is I hurt David’s feelings, and that’s more important than the intent. So, I sincerely apologize for that. I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. It reminds me of the guy that gets out of a truck and says, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, buddy. I didn’t mean to run you over.’ Well, what the f–k’s the difference? You’ve been run over.”

Asked if he thinks the reason [the charismatic frontman] felt so slighted is because he respects him and values his opinion, Simmons responded, “I don’t know. Nah. I don’t think anybody gives two s–ts about what I think, and that’s the way it should be — treat everybody sort of on an equal plane. This is gonna get me in trouble too — even the Pope poops every day. You know, this kind of the humanity of it all. I’m not better than you; you’re not better than me. And feelings — that includes the Pope, who’s a good guy and everything — feelings are human. And anybody can hurt your feelings. I mean, you can be the king of anything, and a kid can come over and say, ‘Eh, you stink,’ in front of everybody else, and it can hurt your feeelings. So, for that I’m really sorry about. I never meant to hurt his feelings. But in the way the words came out, yeah, I could see where that was the impression. Not my intention.”

KISS recently announced dates for a second Las Vegas residency. For more details about this event, please go here.

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  • brad dawson on

    Grown ass man in a demon costume hiding his jelly rolls in with a girdle….who’s fat ???

  • Doug R. on

    Since Gene has been such an A-hole lately, he does not get a happy birthday wish, but The Metal God does! Happy birthday Rob! 🙂 And happy birthday to Alexander Skarsgard, Dana’s #2 man, right behind Sykes! Oh, and her fiance, of course! 😉 So that would make Skarsgard #3! LOL!!!

    • Charles Clinchot on


      Do you mean the Alexander Skarsgard who was in King Kong vs Godzilla movie that had breaking the law briefly playing in it and another actor wearing not one but two Judas Priest shirts?

    • Dana on

      Yep, that be him, Charles. I have a major crush on him, he reminds me of Sykes-LOL! I know him as Eric from True Blood.

    • Doug R. on

      Charles, as I mentioned to Mr. Rock And Roll, if you haven’t already, I implore you to pick up the Rolling Stones DVD – Steel Wheels Live In Atlantic City, you won’t regret it! If you love it, and I’m sure you will, check out Four Flicks, The Biggest Bang, and Shine A Light, – just skip the beginning of the movie and go right to the concert, trust me 😉

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    Great, Gene. Now tell Paul, your boss, to get rid of the painter on the tour, and get Dave back. I don’t go to an art exhibit expecting a concert, as I don’t go to a concert expecting an artist who paints. You are wasting my money. Nobody cares. I was looking forward to seeing Dave, as many others were. If the painter is on the gig, I show up late. Period.

    • Real Paul Stanley on

      Doug R. – I own Steel Wheels Live From Atlantic City on vinyl and it is awesome!

    • Doug R. on

      RPS, it is awesome! As is the DVD! The Stones were born to be experienced live!

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Dana have not watched true blood, but did see him in the Steven King remake of The Stand, he did a real good Randal Flagg.

    • Dana on

      I have to say, he’s a decent actor, and considering he was raised in Sweden, and even served in their military, he has no trace of an accent. Also, he was great in True Blood, his character had some of the best lines.

  • robert davenport on

    Simmons apology was disingenuous, you take responsibility for offending ,you don’t say it was taken out of context, you don’t attempt to shift blame , JUST OWN UP TO IT!
    Hopefully he tried reaching out to Dave directly, calling him man to man , Gene, if you say the media twists your words and prints things out of context why apologize in the media ? You can’t have it both ways – man up call Dave personally , then all you have to say is… I called Dave and apologized. Again I can’t believe a 70 yr.old man handles his business this way……

    • Ray Gillen on

      Robert I totally agree with everything you said . When he mentioned Daves feelings in what is considered a apology I thought he was being a smartass . I still want to hear the real story why Dave isn`t opening up any longer . Some of us bought tickets because he was opening ,we deserve to hear why he no longer is. Now we have to stand around while someone paints us ? WTF I want my money back

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